If you are looking for some great mobile accessories this festive season, then this guide will have you covered. Be it docking station, styluses, or covers, this is our mobile accessory gift guide.


It will be quite a mission to go through every device out there. Instead of buying a standard cover, you can get your own cover made with your own artwork and everything for the same price as a normal cover would cost you.

Phat Panda

Phat Panda

In today’s time of hipsters and niche everything, it is best to go with a company who offers a different approach to design. Phat Pands specializes in bamboo covers with designs engraved into the wood.  You can choose your own design, or choose form a wide range of standard designs.

The covers start at R349 and go up depending on your phone size.

The Gift Factory

The Gift Factory

Another great custom phone case company is the Gift Factory. They also specialize in other items like bath gowns, cutting boards, and mugs.

The phone covers start at R149 and are fully customizable to your liking.

Power Banks

Power banks have become any smartphone owner’s must-have gadget of late and as our smartphones become more powerful, so do their battery strain

Emie MEMO 10 000AH Power Bank


If you’re a serious gadgets freak and you’re forever chasing the next charging point or if you’re a frequent traveller, the Emie Memo 10 000Ah power bank is the only power bank you will ever need.

Xiami 100 000mAh Power Bank


If you are looking for something with more of a kick, then the Xiaomi power bank is for you.

It looks sleek with its brushed steel case and packs enough power to charge an iPhone 6s 4.5 times and one full charge of an iPad Mini. It is designed to output just the correct amount of power at a time to avoid any sort of unstable charging which could result in your phone battery being damaged.

The device retails for R499.


JBL GO Portable Speaker


The JBL GO is the perfect portable speaker to carry around with you wherever you go. Its small and lightweight and has a 5 hour battery life. The speaker supports voice calls and makes this feature better thanks to its noise cancellation mic. The device supports iOS and Android via Bluetooth.

For R399 you cannot ask for more from a portable speaker at that price range.

JBL Charge 2 Speaker


The JBL Charge 2 is a little more pricey but so worth it when you look at the features that it packs. Its a fairly large speaker that packs a punch in both beauty and sound quality. It has a 12 hour battery and a social mode which lets 3 people take turns at playing their music through their devices, so no more fighting over who is playing Gaga and who is playing Adele. It supports basically every device under the sun with Bluetooth 3.0.

The JBL Charge 2 retails for R1899.

UE Roll


We reviewed the UE Roll back in October and we loved it so much that we even awarded it our Gold Award in product excellence. The speaker is basically life proof as you can take it anywhere, be it to the beach or in the sand. You an toss it around too as it is shock proof.  It lasts for round 14 hours and has a neat app that can control its sound pre-sets and music library too. If I had to highly recommend something, it would be this Bluetooth speaker.

So there you have just a few devices and accessories that will make you or your loved one happy. We will have much more for you to spend your money on as we continue our Xmas Shopping Guides. Be sure to check out our PS4 and Xbox One guide, as well as our Photography guide.