The nice thing about Nintendo products, is that the brand has some cute accessories like the amiibo range and faceplate covers.


These cute Nintendo accessories make perfect gifts for your friends and family members who have Nintendo products. There are also some decent priced consoles and handhelds to pick up if you are looking to open a new door in the gaming world. Here are a few Nintendo gift ideas.

“New” Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is a pretty versatile device, and since the launch of the “new” Nintendo 3DS, there have been tons of games released for the handheld that you should look into. The device comes in two models. The standard device is smaller than the larger one, but has interchangeable faceplates. The screen on the standard model is 3.88 inches, while the larger Nintendo 3DS XL screen size is 4.88 inches.


Both of the devices boast the new analogue nub, which was not on the last models, and both of them have face tracking 3D, which improves head movement while playing in 3D. This means you can move your head around while playing more than you could on the older 3DS models.

The handheld comes with a 4GB SD card which is ideal for downloading games to the device. As for the faceplates, these are only compatible with the smaller of the model.

You can purchase the standard 3DS, the one with customisable faceplates, for R2699. As for the larger handheld in the range, it will set you back R3199.

Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U is Nintendo’s console, and it is almost at the end of its life span, but it’s still worth picking up. The Wii U has some great games that have graced the console over the past few years, like Mario Kart 8, Super Mario World 3D, and more. The console is family orientated and most of its games are meant to be played with friends and family.


I have to say that at times, my Wii U offers a better party game experience than that of my PS4 and Xbox One. By now you should already have a PS4 or Xbox One, so why not get a Wii U to add to the collection? The Wii U makes use of its GamePad as its primary controller, it has a built-in battery and uses a stylus to function with touch screen. You can connect up to four Wii Motion Plus remotes to the console too, these will help extend your gaming with friends.

The Wii U has various bundles on sale, each with separate games. You can go all out and get the Wii U with Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Captain Toad Adventures, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for R6299. Or these is just a simple Mario Kart 8 bundle over at Raru for R4499.


When it comes to accessories, the Nintendo brand has tons of Amiibos and faceplates that are available for the Wii U and 3DS handheld devices. These cover plate are the perfect way to customise your 3DS to your liking.



Each cover plate has its own unique design on it that goes well with whatever handheld you choose. You have the Mario one, wooden design, Luigi, you name it. The cover plates cost just under R200, which are not bad at all.

Check the full range over at Raru.



No matter what Nintendo game of product you own, it will make use of the amiibo range. These toys are NFC (Near Field Communication) to send data to and from the device to enhance your gaming experience. Say you are playing Super Smash Bros on your Wii U, you can place your Zelda amiibo onto the NFC area on the GamePad and transfer your save to the toy. You can also unlock cool in-game items using certain amiibo.

These range from R170- R300, they are also cool looking toys, so that is a plus.

There you have some rather great Nintendo products to buy this Xmas.