Oh December how we love you! It’s almost holiday time for all of us which means we need to start putting our feet up and chilling for a bit.

This we’ve got some party games that you need in your life to get your chill mode on. Invite a few friends, take your shoes off, and get ready to party.

Just Dance 2016 – PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360

If dancing around like a complete maniac is your thing, then Just Dance 2016 is for you. The game uses the PlayStation Camera, or Xbox One Kinect sensor to pick up body movements while you dance along to song likes Uptown Funk, and All About that Bass. If you do not have a camera or Kinect sensor, then you can just use your phone as there is an app that does everything the camera does, but in your hand instead.

Party Games

Guitar Hero Live – PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360

The game is a much needed reboot of the series and makes you feel like a rockstar at all times. The concerts are live recordings of real-life scenarios in which the fans react to your skill with the guitar. If you suck, they will slam you, but if you rock, they will love you.

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The game has a few modes that you can play through, but the most noteworthy mode is the Guitar Hero TV mode that lets you watch online music videos and jam along to them using your Guitar. Sure there is no real multiplayer mode, but who said you cannot take turns.

Monopoly – PS3, Xbox 360, Ps4, Xbox One

Forget all the adding up, forget your friends stealing money and cheating, and forget all the mess, you need Monopoly on a video game console.

Monopoly Family Fun Pack is the only digital version of the game you will ever need. The game is realised in full 3D, environments, the game board, you name it. It supports up to 6 players, and you do not need 6 controllers to play the game, you can just pass the controller around.

If you love it that much after purchasing, then you can also download some DLC packs which unlocks new game board skins for the game like a My Little Pony skin.

SingStar Ultimate Party

Warm up those vocal chords, and get ready to hear how bad you actually sound when singing. SingStar Ultimate Party is the only karaoke experience you need on your console. It uses a mobile app that makes use of your mic to use it as a SingStar Mic, so you no longer need to use the actual mics to sing with.