There are certain mysteries in life that never get solved but 2015 gave us some answers to these pop culture questions:

What Hit Me Baby One More Time Means

There have been many different theories to what Britney Spear’s breakout hit some, Baby One More Time really means.

The song’s writers, Max Martin and Rami Yacoub, revealed that it was meant to mean “phone me one more time”. Back when the song was released the writers thought that “hit me up” would become a huge thing among teenagers and wrote the song about a girl waiting by her phone wanting a boy to just phone her (or hit her up) that one last time.

Lots of Harry Potter Revelations

One thing we love about Harry Potter and his magical world is that creator and author, JK Rowling keeps the magic going even years after the last books were published and the movies have been released.

One of our favourite pop culture questions answered by Rowling this year is why Harry called his one son Severus even though he was such a dick to him. Turns out Harry named his son after the previous potions teacher out of forgiveness and gratitude.

We Finally Know Who Is So Vain

We always wondered who the song was really about, now we know who is that vain. Carly Simon revealed that she wrote the song about Warren Beatty – an actor and writer.

I have confirmed that the second verse is Warren.

The rest of the song is about two other men Simon has never revealed, but she does admit that Beatty does think the whole song is about him – just like the song says.

What Happened to Harry And Karen In Love Actually

Love Actually is one of those classic Christmas movies you can’t help but love. But we were left with a massive cliff hanger for years – what happened between Harry and Karen?

The script writer, Emma Freud, went to a recent screening of the movie and live-Tweeted some interesting facts about the movie some people might not have known. One such revelation is what happened between Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson’s characters after the movie ended:

Dirty Dancing Unscripted

The most practiced and iconic dance move in the movie where Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey over his head in the final dance scene of the movie was never even rehearsed in real life.

In the movie the pair practice continuously and only manage to pull off the complex move at the end of the movie. Grey recently revealed that they barely practiced the move and just sort of went for it. She also revealed she has not attempted the lift since.