A month ago we learned that PS4 could be getting PS2 emulation, today it is a reality, you can now purchase a very select range of PS2 games on your PS4 and play them at a crappy up-scaled 1080p.


As much as I would like to thank Sony for showing that they still have some sort of innovation under its belt, this is the worst move to happen to PS4 since they decided to not include external hard drive support on the console. I cannot disagree with this more, and yet again, it is just another move to make a quick buck and take full advantage of consumers.

PS3 Missing In Action

For starters, what in the world ever happened to PS3 games? Did we just forget that the best generation of gaming since the Super Nintendo days just never happened?

The Ps3 was home to some of the greatest games of all time.

I do not want to compare this PS2 emulation to Xbox One’s backwards compatibility, but this is the real world and money is king. At launch of the Xbox 360 Backwards compatibility we got over 100 Xbox 360 titles playable on Xbox One. You can literally count the amount of PS2 games that released with the PS2 emulation, on one hand. What about including these few PS2 titles in PlayStation Now instead of releasing them as full titles?

Not A Remaster

We all love a remaster and a remake. One of these examples is the upcoming Ratchet and Clank release that is in the works for a April 2016 release date. This is a full remake of the original game, made for PS4 from the ground up, based off the PS2 classic. This is a game worth buying as it is more than just an up-scaled version of a 256-bit game made for a 4096-bit console. The work behind the game and the quality of the game warrants a full purchase. Hell, they can take all my money right now! These PS2 games on the other hand are sad excuses for products.

It would be cool Rogue Galaxy again. It was a great PS2 game, but the issue I have right now is that I own the physical copy of the game. If this was the Xbox One then I could just pop it into the console and it will download the game without an issue, but Sony wants you to repurchase the game and has blocked this feature. This means that you cannot use your old PS2 games, be it disc-based or in your digital library, towards these new PS2 titles on the PlayStation Store.

Expensive Antique


Let us face it, PS2 is old and the games are old and dated. As much as we all love the classics, we prefer to play them the classic way, or a complete “remake” way.

R220 per PS2 game is a bit over the top. You can grab these games for R60 on Bid or Buy, or less in a bargain bin, pop them into your PC, and emulate them with better visuals than what the PS4 emulation is outputting.

Those of us who still have PS2s can easily play them again in all their classic glory, without the hefty download, or the expensive purchase. There is just no justifying the price of these games.

Technical Glitches

We have also seen reports of performance issues when it comes to the gameplay of these titles. GTA: San Andreas being one of them, plays at a lower frame-rate when playing the PAL version of the game. This is the version that we purchase on the store in South Africa.

The game’s frame pacing is 25 fps compared to the NTSC version which is 30fps. This results in a slower frame output which causes the game to run slower than the NTSC version of the game. This is present on most of the games that have released alongside the PS2 emulation.

In the end it is cheeky for Sony to re-release old games at a premium price, in a small selection, with glitches.