Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is out and we have the only things that matter when it comes to the early parts of the game. Here are some tips for staying alive in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Camping Is King

Although in many shooters, camping is frowned upon, in Rainbow Six Siege, it is key to survival. You will often be left with the only thing to do, but camp as you wait for the opposing team to break into your fortified room, or just wait around as you are the last player.

The best thing to do is to limit the path in which the enemy can take to get to their objective by barricading pathways up, this will leave you with no other option but to sit and wait for them to take the only path you have left open, hence the camping.


Spot The Enemy

If you spot an enemy in the level, your team will see them on their screen too. It is vital to try to spot as many enemies as possible especially at the start of the match where you get to scout an area using your RC camera.


The truth of the matter is, in Rainbow Six Siege, your team is everything and without team work, you will not get anything done. Use your online voice and get into those chat lobbies, even if they are not chatting back, at least they can hear you when you tell them that there is a trap or enemy in a room.

Besides that, always try and stick together if you are not forming a chat party, splitting up will only mean your death as you will not know who is dealing with what task at hand. At least if you are in a team formation, you can have each other’s backs.


Be Vigilant

Look around you when you are walking, look at the floor, look at the walls. That pile of bob-wire will slow you down, so hit it a few times to destroy it, and for goodness sakes, that red glowing thing in the wall is not a toy, do not walk near it.

Whatever side you are on, you can place all sorts of gadgets and traps to help you stop the other team. When you are in the enemy’s territory, be sure to stay eyes peeled for anything that might cost you your game.

Learn The Maps

Familiarise yourself with the maps you play in, it will help you in future.

Know which route goes where and what window leads to which room. Not only will this help you when you are defending, but it will help you by knowing which route you took while breaching too. You have the ability to see the world as the other team, you have been in that position before, use it to your advantage.

Rainbow Six Siege

Destroy The Cameras

The cameras outside are hard to spot. When you are breaching, be sure to take them out whenever you see them. This will stop the enemy team from watching you while you do your thing.

You don’t want them to plan an attack on you before you even get inside now do you? Thought so.

Be Patient

The game has issues, servers problem, and a few bugs. If you cannot find a match after sitting in a menu for 5 minutes, back out and retry, this should get you in, in no time.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.