Director Sam Mendez
Cast Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Naomi Harris, Monica Bellucci, Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw
Rating 13 V
Genre Action
Running Time 2 Hours 30 Min.

Bond is back in a brand new movie starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. Spectre is the 24th 007 movie and this is what we thought of Sam Mendez’s new movie.

The haunting mood of the movie is immediately set by the opening scenes which take place in Mexico during a Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration parade. The entire movie features multiple references to previous James Bond movies and characters and we feel like this time it really is personal.

Spectre centres around a mysterious message from the past which sends Bond on a wild goose chase to get answers. At the same time, the entire Centre for National Security is under threat. New agent, C (we can guess what that stands for) portrayed by Andrew Scott plans to roll out a surveillance program that would make James Bond and the rest of the 00 agents redundant.

James Bond lands up in Rome where he meets Lucia Sciarra portrayed by Monica Bellucci who is a beautiful widow of a very dangerous and well-known criminal. Lucia reveals that her deceased husband was behind many assassination attempts against Bond.

He follows the trail and crashes a secret meeting where he discovers the existence of an organisation known as Spectre. The Centre for National Security doubt whether Bond‘s actions are justified in uncovering this organisation. With the help of Miss Moneypenny portrayed by Naomie Harris and Q (played by Ben Whishaw), Bond tracks down Madeleine Swann (played by Léa Seydoux) to help him find out more about Spectre.


Daniel Craig, who portrayed the character for the 4th time, has now famously appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show stating that he’s unsure whether he would do another Bond movie as they are very time-consuming.

Maybe he is a bit tired after playing the world’s most seductive spy during an 8-month shoot. But It doesn’t show in his performance, which was as steady and convincing as the previous 3 times he portrayed 007.

He pulls off the stunts seamlessly and seems completely at ease and in control with any weapon in his hand including any gun. He rocks a suit like only James Bond can and at the age of 47 he has never looked better. Those piecing blue eyes are able to convey a range of different emotions from rage to vulnerability to smouldering.

The explosions are bigger than ever and you’ll enjoy the big epic scenes of fire and boom. It’s amazing how one man can cause so much chaos and damage in his wake and this time around it seems Bond couldn’t care less who or what he endangers or damages in order to get the info he wants. Nothing will stop him from catching the bad guy and there are many chase sequences and nail-biting close calls.

Q has developed into a favourite amongst the geek fans and continuously asks Bond not to break the gadgets, guns and expensive cars he is given. But Bond doesn’t care and will do anything to get the job done. The whole movie is filled with flashy car chases, foot chases, train chase,. Basically, Bond is constantly chasing people.

The Bond babes are as powerful and beautifully dangerous as always. But Moneypenny and her charm and ability to stay calm and collected at the most stressful times makes her our favourite.

Monica Bellucci obviously slays the role, but unfortunately Lucia Sciarra doesn’t get much screen time.

Madeleine Swann is a pretty decent character and we loved her no BS attitude. We enjoyed that she was never over sexualised. Instead much focus is placed on how intelligent she is (and rightfully so) and how she is easily able to hold her own. Bond attempts to teach her a few things in order to keep her alive, but soon realises that Madeleine Swann is no damsel in distress. She’s actually really bad ass and emotionally stable and we wouldn’t mess with Madeleine.

The movie’s main villain, Franz Oberhauser (portrayed by Christoph Waltz) is what fans have come to expect from Bond baddies. He’s dark, mysterious and super twisted and evil. He is a real character to witness and Christoph Waltz has the ability to perfectly create someone who is intelligent, calculated but essentially completely evil and mad.

Spectre is action-packed, fast moving and enticing from the opening scene all the way to the end. Sometimes we even felt like there was too much going on to even keep up during the 2 hours, 30 minutes running time. But one thing’s for sure you won’t be bored and you’ll love the classic Bond recipe of beautiful cars, expensive gadgets, sleek suits, bad guys and big explosions. Daniel Craig along with the rest of the cast deliver world-class performances and we’re excited to see what the future of James Bond and these characters hold.


Spectre Review: Bond Is Back In A Big Way
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