Like the rest of the world, we got a look at this brand new chapter in the Star Wars story and this is what we thought of The Force Awakens.


Not so long ago we learned that Lucasfilm had sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney and that the new Star Wars would not be directed by the legendary George Lucas. Instead, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was directed by J.J. Abrams who has some titles like Armageddon, Lost and Star Trek under his belt.

The Force Awakens starts off like all 6 of the previous movies – we see words on the screen in space so it was nice to see the old recipe hadn’t been completely abandoned and that we would be getting a proper Star Wars movie from the get-go.

The new movie takes place 30 or so years after the events of Return of the Jedi and original cast members Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil returned to reprise their iconic roles. Chewbacca, C3-P0 and R2-D2 also came back. That being said the movie doesn’t focus on their stories anymore. It’s all about new characters, Finn (portrayed by John Boyega), Kylo Ren (portrayed by Adam Driver), Rey (portrayed by Daisy Ridley), Poe Dameron (potrayed by Patrick Isaac) and new droid BB-8. The story is told in such a to set audiences up for a new generation of Star Wars and to be honest, it is about time. The old characters are beloved and are the reasons why we all fell in love with the franchise, but it was time for a new generation.

Finn, Rey and Poe are the ultimate new characters and all three have the same qualities we’ve come to love in Star Wars characters – they are brave, witty and loyal friends. These new characters are very entertaining and we especially love how funny and sharp they are. Finn cracked a good couple of jokes and the interactions between the characters make you believe that they’re true friends, fighting for the same team. None of it is cheesy or forced and the actors all managed to deliver emotionally diverse and complex performances that will stand the test of time. The movie was a great start to develop these characters and was successful in leaving us wanting to know more about each of the new members of the Star Wars world. BB-8 is also a great new addition and (dare I say it) is even cuter and cheekier than R2-D2.


New bad guy, Kylo Ren leads the evil First Order, who just wants to obliterate the entire galaxy because he can, I guess. Adam Driver as this new Sith apprentice is absolutely brilliant. He portrays the role like it was written for him and the emotional range he is able to access so seemingly easily is astonishing to say the least. We immediately love to hate him and we’re excited to see how his story unfolds.

Finn, played by John Boyega, is my personal new favourite character as he is very witty and kind. As a rogue Stormtrooper, we still have lots to learn from this new character who has basically been reborn and given an identity after being a faceless killing machine for most of his life. John Boyega is able to give the audience the kind of character that will hold for an entire generation – one that has good values and is brave and has a sense of humour too. People are bound to get a massive crush on Finn too – just saying, the guy isn’t terrible to look at.

Poe Dameron is the only new character who doesn’t feel like an orphan/runaway. He is a pilot and damn good one at it. Him and Finn are instant friends thanks to their wit and slight arrogance (or ignorance). He is a very cool character and has some awesome moments in the new movie. We hope to see him in future instalments as the character is that kind of adventurous rebel you want in a Star Wars movie to constantly keep you on your toes.

The biggest new character has got to be Rey. Not only is she female, but she is also a very frail female in stature. But looks can be deceiving as Rey is as powerful as they come. This scavenger-orphan has the duty of carrying a new generation of Star Wars movies and we think she’s just the woman for the job. Not once do you look at Rey and think she’s a damsel in distress or a weak girl. Rey is tough and she can kick some serious ass. We’re so glad that one of the new main characters is such a strong female who breaks apart all gender stereotypes within the first 30 min of the movie. Star Wars doesn’t lack strong female characters, but not without sexualising them. Rey is never sexualised and doesn’t have extravagant outfits with thick makeup and hair – she’s humble, simple and powerful. She’s also no one’s love interest. This is really refreshing as certain movies just use female characters to be a male lead’s love interest and essentially talking eye candy. Not Rey. She has her own story to tell and we can’t wait to see it unfold.


The vehicles and spaceships are cooler than ever. The CGI in the movie is flawless and it was an out-of-this-world experience to see a Star Wars movie in 3D. It wasn’t over-the-top and just added an extra cool element to an already brilliant movie.

It wouldn’t be Star Wars without some massive plot twists and surprises that had the entire cinema gasping. The story is very well polished and old fans will be delighted at how true to the franchise the movie stayed. New fans will be drawn in and we welcome you to a life-time of spending all your money on Star Wars stuff.


The Force Awakens is a Star Wars movie through and through. You will feel nostalgic if you’re a seasoned fan and you will be drawn in if you’re new to the franchise.

The movie has many brilliant plot twists, top class new characters and an exciting new future we’re just lucky to be able to follow. J.J. Abrams has successfully laid the ground works for a new generation of Star Wars.

If you were scared the newly Disney-owned Star Wars was gonna suck and lose the magic of the franchise, you were worried for nothing. The Force Awakens is not only an amazing sci-fi adventure movie, but also the best Star Wars movie since the original trilogy and we can’t wait to see more.


The Force Awakens Review: A New Generation of Star Wars Has Awoken
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