Star Wars: Battlefront is a great game, and good-looking too, but you can further enhance its good looks with this PC mod. Martin Bergman has been working on a mod that turns Star Wars: Battlefront into a game that looks as real life as possible. Really, you cannot tell the difference between the two.

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Martin Bergman also worked on the GTA V, Toddyhancer mod that everyone raged about a few months ago, this mod also created a next to photorealistic experience. Take a look at the video of this mod below.

Right now the mod is not available to the public, and Martin is unsure whether he will release it to the public or not, but regardless, this is truly a marvellous looking mod. Take a look at the screenshots below and head over to imgur for more. Be sure to check out our review on the game if you are still on the fence about it, spoiler, it’s great!

Star Wars: Battlefront