If you’re keen on a fun and exciting night out then TooNight is the app you need to help make that happen.

This free iOS and Android app helps you find which of your friends are out nearby and lets you join them for a night out. You can also find new and exciting people to meet and hangout with if you’re feeling like a bit of an adventure.

As you connect with Facebook the app accesses your Friends List as well as your contact list to search for nearby friends hanging out. The home screen will give you an option of friends to join on their night out. You can swipe through your friends that TooNight has found are out and join them or just check what they are up to. You’re given information on where a friend is at, what they are doing, who they are doing it with and how much fun they are having. You can write to them and tell them you’re joining them to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun.

If you’re in the mood to meet new people then you can have a look at strangers having a night out in your area. If you’re keen on joining someone new out you can request to join them and they can share their location with you.

Once both you and the other person have agreed to spend some time together the app will send a message to the person who isn’t out with the location of the person who is out.

You don’t have to use this function though and if you like to keep private you can disable appearing as a suggested person to hang out with. This setting allows you to then only appear as a suggestion to your friends and not to people you don’t know. You also have the option to block someone.

While out you can check in to places with your friends and give it a rating. You can also see who wants to hang out with you and you can choose whether to go for it or to diss them.

For a fun and adventurous experience download TooNight for free for iOS and Android.