Just Cause 3 is pretty explosive, and there are a few things that we could not explain to you by just typing a few words.

That is why we had to show you some of our biggest explosions in the game, why? Just Cause. Here are some of the best things about Just Cause 3. Spoiler alert: they are mostly explosions.

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Blow Things Up Using C4

Just Cause 3

Using what we now as C4 explosions, you can walk up to anything, plant it, back away and explode it into a million pieces. These explosives are unlimited, but you are limited to the amount you can place at the same time. You can unlock skills that let you hold more later on in the game.

Do Those Side Objectives

Just Cause 3

Not only do the side objectives reward you with gears you use to unlock new skills, they are really fun to complete. Just look at this one, I rammed a car with a nuclear bomb in it, into a group of enemies. Only in Just Cause. The car had to stay above 60kmh making this side objective pretty intense.

Order Beacons

Just Cause 3

Once you have unlocked the ability to order supplies from the rebels, you can call on them at anytime to drop cool vehicles and weapons off in front of you.

Blow Things Up Using A Helicopter

Just Cause 3

Whether on the ground or in the air, there is always a way to create destruction, and a helicopter is the best way. Try to get one that can shoot rockets as they are the most effective against everything in the game, but if you can only find one with a mini gun, then fine, just settle for it.

Blow Even More Up!

Loud Speadker

We are not lying, go ahead and blow even more up. The entire process of the game relies on it. As you can see here, this is me planting a C4 on a loudspeaker and blowing it up, pretty hey? Well when you get to towns, you will need to blow these up to liberate them from the control of DiRevello .

Use The Wingsuit

Wing Suit

Getting around in Just Cause 3 is all about the Wing Suit. You can fly around faster than ever by just stringing together a grapple pull while gliding through the air. This makes exploring the beautiful island of Medici a blessing in disguise.

Don’t Die

Just Cause 3

As I said, using the wing suit is great, but be careful not to die in the process like I did. Just kidding, I survived that fall, but it was a close one.

So there you have just a few things that makes Just Cause 3 an awesome game. You can win a copy for yourself by entering our giveaway.

Just Cause 3 is out now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.