It’s the shopping season which means you will probably need some ideas on what to buy for yourself and others.

We’ve got you covered with a shopping guide for all of you who are looking into getting a PS4 or Xbox One, or those of you who already own one, but need some accessories to add to it.

PlayStation Accessories

PlayStation Gold 2.0 Wireless Headset


The PlayStation 4 has a pretty great headset, and it is the Gold 2.0 headset. It has 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound, customizable sound pre-sets, and it’s wireless. The model comes in black and blue, and white and blue.

You can pick up the headset for R1199.

Raru is bundling it with a PlayStation TV and a DualShock 4 for R1899.

PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Controller


If you are in the market for a new DualShock 4, then we highly recommend the 20th anniversary model. It is limited and it is in the classic grey that we love from back in the PlayStation 1 days.

You can get yours for R871.

PS4 Faceplate


If you are so over the normal jet black PS4 faceplate and want to mix things up a bit, Sony has released the faceplates separately in awesome colours. They come in blue, red, gold, white, and neo orange. Your console will look brand new.

Get yours for R258 each.

PlayStation Console Bundles

PlayStation 4 1TB Limited Edition Star Wars: Battlefront Bundle


Star Wars: Battlefront is huge at the moment. It just so happens that you can buy an extremely limited edition Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 that has Darth Vader on the front of it as well as a Darth Vader inspired DualShock 4. The bundle also comes with a voucher code for Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter, and Star Wars Bounty Hunter.

You can own it for R6999.

Xbox One Accessories

Xbox One ORB Dual Charger


If you happen to have an Xbox One controller, or two that make use of the Play and Charge kit, then this ORB Charge Dock is perfect for you. It is cheap, and it charges up to two controllers simultaneously. It also uses external power so you can plug it into the wall socket and charge it using that instead for faster charging and overnight charging.

Own it for R299.

Xbox One Lunar White Controller


There are many controllers to choose from but his Lunar White controller is some other beauty. It has a white encasing with a gold D-Pad as well as gold triggers. The controller also sports diamond grips on the handles, this is something that only the Xbox One Elite Controller has. If you are looking for a new controller, then this is your purchase. The only problem is that the controller is only launching in January 2016, so this will be a gift that you will have to wait for.

Pre-order yours for R899.

WD My Passport X 2TB Gaming Storage


One thing is for sure, our consoles run out of storage very quickly, so why not extend it to a 2TB hard drive? With a 2TB hard drive you will not need to delete a game for a while as it can hold quite a hefty amount of games. This Passport X 2TB is the perfect backup. Worried about it being too big? You can then partition it to work on both your Xbox One and your PC.

Upgrade yours for R1750.

Xbox One Console Bundles

Xbox One 1TB + 3 Games


This bundle is exclusive to Takealot and comes with 3 games:

  • Xbox One Console with 1TB hard drive
  • Xbox One Wireless Controller with 3.5mm headset jack
  • Includes Titanfall Disc
  • Includes Rise of the Tomb Raider disc, an Xbox exclusive for Holiday 2015
  • Includes a full-game download code for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  • HDMI cable, power supply

One thing to note is that the console comes with Titanfall, a game which is pretty hard to get hold of in SA as it was never actually released here. Also, Rise of the Tomb Raider should sell you on this instantly, it is a great game. This is also a 1TB model, so it is built to store more games.

Buy this for R6799.