CES 2016 is over and done, and we had some time to reflect on the amazing pieces of tech that came out of the event. Some of the tech wowed us, and some made us question where they got the money to fund these projects.

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These gadgets can get pretty expensive and we have no idea who in their right mind would spend money on such. If you were wondering what we are talking about, here are some of the most expensive tech of CES 2016.

Edwin the Rubber Duck $100 (R1 650)

First on our list is a rubber duck. Yes we know, random, but it is the most expensive rubber duck we have ever seen. Edwin the Duck is a waterproof floating Bluetooth speaker. Now sure you might think that this is as normal as it comes, but there is so much more to this speaker than meets the eyes.

Edwin is controlled by an app which can control the light, sound, and movement of the duck.  Edwin is a smart toy that interacts with the app in more ways than one. By using the mini games on the app, you will be able to shake Edwin and hit him on his side to answer certain questions. Oh, he is also a night light that sings lullabies to you.

Sennheiser Oprheus- $55,000 (R831 000)

The Sennheiser Oprheus is more a piece of art than an actual headset. Built into a marble slate, the Oprheus has glowing tubes that rise out of the marble amplifier to elevate your musical experience. It has the ability to position each and every instrument in a song that takes you into the music, effortlessly.

The headset is one of the most expensive pieces of tech at CES 2016, costing more than most of the TVs on display and entire VR setups.

Samsung Family Hub Fridge – $5000 (R85 000)

This fridge does all your shopping for you by scanning its contents and sending a list of what you need to your smartphone. The fridge will cost around R85,000, which is probably the most expensive fridge in the history of fridges.

Sleep Number It Bed – $1000 (R16 000)

It Bed

Sure you can just wear trackers while you sleep, but what about a whole bed that tracks your sleeping patterns for you? The mattress comes with built-in sensors that will track your heart rate, breathing, and movement during the night. It also tracks your daily activities and adjusts the foam mattress depending on your day. If you had a pretty hectic run that day, the mattress will be softer that night to make up for aching muscles.

Samsung Powerbot Turbo – $1200 (R19 999)


Robotic vacuum cleaners are nothing new in the world these days, but the Samsung Powerbot Turbo is smarter than ever. The new Robot Vacuum by Samsung now maps your house and remembers where things are placed. You can then send the robot to certain rooms which it saves to your smart device. If there is something in the way, it will move aside with ease and remember the object for next time. It has Wi-Fi so you can control it from anywhere.