If we had to make a list of the best comic book TV shows 10 years ago, it would be filled with lacklustre cameos and disappointing experiences. However, times have changed and we can all appreciate a good TV show now, as production costs are higher, and the industry is full of fans of the series that help contribute to a great show.

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The Flash (2015)

The Flash follows suit in Arrow’s footsteps, taking modern-day iterations of characters and making them work in a comic book world. The show has managed to keep fans intrigued as the producers have kept the ideas fresh and basically brought the world of the Flash to life successfully. The show even features the previous Flash TV show’s Flash, as Barry‘s father, pretty neat right?


Although it took forever for Clark Kent to get any powers, Smallville was definitely one of the best super hero shows from bacK in the day. We had very little to watch in terms of pop culture, so it was most welcome. The show followed the story of teenage Clark Kent, also known as Superman. The show went on to air 10 seasons until it was better to just scrap it. Sometimes too much is just not a good thing.


Whenever a new TV show based off a superhero is released, fans are sceptical, but somehow Daredevil pleased fans and general viewers. Season one left on a high note, forcing fans to wait in anticipation for Season 2 to air. Season 2 plans on bringing characters such as the Punisher and Elektra to its roster, while also delving into a darker tone.


Arrow released in a high stride, but as it played out it slowly become boring. Producers had to do something to fix this so they gave Arrow a much-needed facelift by including an array of other fan favourite superheroes and villains. Black Canary, Deathstroke and Quentin Lance, just to name a few.


Although Gotham is not directly based off any sort of event in the DC universe, it serves as a standalone prequel to many of the villains in the Batman series. The show’s great and showcases the birth of all our favourite villains like the Joker, Penguin and Harley Quinn.

The Walking Dead

Completely off the superhero vibe here, but The Walking Dead is base off a comic book, and its pretty good. On its 6th season and going strong, the show follows the story of Rick and his gang as they fight for survival against the living and the dead.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones might be a little on the calm side when compared to the rest of these shows, but its plot and main character are pleasing. The show revolves around Jessica Jones, an ex-superhero who now runs her own P.I firm. She now needs to manage the secrets of other people, while trying to track down Kilgrave, a man set out to do harm to her and woman alike.


iZombie is a loosely based comic book with the same name created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allfred. The show follows the story of Olivia “Liv” Moore, an ex doctor who has been turned into a zombie and now has to pretend she is a “spiritual medium” as she gets flashbacks of the deceased after she eats their brain. The show is extremely clever as Liv transforms into the personality of her lunch.