Director Sean Anderson
Cast Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Linda Cardellini, Thomas Haden Church and Hannibal Buress
Rating PG
Genre Comedy
Running Time 1 Hour 36 Min.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg reunite for the first time since they starred opposite each other in the 2009 comedy movie, The Other Guys.


This time around the duo duel it out to determine who is the best daddy in Daddy’s Home. The movie was directed by Sean Anderson and centres around an extended family. Ferrell portrays the role of Brad Whitaker, the perfect stepdad that does all the school runs, carpools, volunteer work, school trips and is just one of the most standup and dorky guys around. Mark Wahlberg portrays the role of Dusty Mayron the biological dad who is afraid of everything Brad stands for. He regularly disappears out of his two children’s lives for extended periods of time and when around he doesn’t play the role of the typical suburban dad.

The movie is as slapstick comedy as they come. The guys try really hard to make you laugh and they aren’t unsuccessful. Even though some moments are corny or over the top, Ferrell and Wahlberg manage to keep it together and to keep the comedy pace going. We’re also not used to seeing these two guys in such a family friendly film and some of the moments did feel slightly forced and the comedy sometimes failed to get much more than a smile out of us.

The two kids, Megan (portrayed by Scarlett Estevez) and Dylan (Owen Vaccaro), are extremely cute and funny in this. They kept it together perfectly in moments where we’re sure it was difficult not to laugh. Little Estevez has some serious comedic timing for such a young actress and was able to hold her own with her cheeky and cute moments. Vaccaro had surprisingly strong emotional depth in this role, especially in a scene where he is being taught to fight back against bullies.

Linda Cadellini played the role of mom in the middle, Sara. Her portrayal felt forced at times and we felt that the Betty Homemaker role wasn’t hers to play just yet. Her character lacked any depth and we felt her constantly just appearing out of nowhere and not really playing a significant role to the story.
A supporting character that stole the show is Hannibal Buress’s portrayal of Griffin. He is the very definition of the talkative black guy but he manages to do it ironically and poke fun of the film industry’s (and world’s) treatment of people of colour. That being said, Buress does bring a certain dry humour to this role that makes it difficult not to laugh until you cry at his one-liners and awkward disposition.

Thomas Haden Church’s role of Leo Holt, who is Brad‘s boss, is absolutely amazing. He has a way to keep the straightest face while saying the most ridiculous things. This ability makes him irresistibly hilarious. And he is also not that shabby to look at either.

What can we say about Will Ferrell? He is the comedy king and he has some stellar moments in Daddy’s Home. Because of the movie’s PG-rating, his performance was extremely toned down to what we’re used to seeing him do. Nonetheless he has hilarious moments where you laugh hard at how ludicrous the situation and his reactions are. He is such a comedic genius that he sometimes has you in stitches simply by maintaining a blank expression. Or when he blatantly points out just how ridiculous a situation is like when he gets stuck in a wall and proclaims that “No, I’m not OK! I’m in a wall and I’m scared!“. He manages to take the mediocrity of the movie and make it work for him.

Mark Wahlberg is hardly a comedy noob and has been holding his own in the comedy scene for a while now. We have to admit that this was not one of his best roles. Not because he isn’t a funny actor (because he’s hilarious) but rather because his material and lines where very average and the character was shallow, even for a slap stick comedy.

The story is meant to be heartfelt and hilarious, but it unfortunately falls flat. The comedy seemed forced at times and certain parts of the story line felt slapped together or were abandoned altogether. We laughed lots, but we expected more from a comedy reuniting Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.


Daddy's Home Review: It Didn't Quite Hit Home
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