ShowMax is the best streaming platform in South Africa thanks to its low-budget subscription, and massive library of content.


ShowMax has over 20 000 episodes in their library, and it is all available for only R99 per month. There are so many ways to watch ShowMax, so we have highlighted the best ways to get the most out of your ShowMax subscription.

You can watch TV series and movies using the web-based platform on its website, or download the app for iOS, Android and any Smart TV.



ShowMax vouchers can be purchased through FnB with eBucks, but you can also now purchase vouchers at Pick ‘n Pay, which eliminates that need for a cheque card or credit card to be present when signing up. This is helpful for those who either are paranoid when using their card online, or just do not have a card in general.

Smart TV


If you are looking to buy a new TV, then ShowMax have teamed up with Samsung to offer a 3 month subscription on any new Samsung Smart TV purchases at selected retailers.

This offer is from 1 December 2015 – 30 April 2016, and is at select retailers like Game, Hifi Corp, House and Home, Makro, PnP Hyper, and more. Check this page out for more details.

Using your TV to watch ShowMax is probably the best part of the service. Also keep in mind that everything you can watch everywhere else, is also available on the Smart TV App, so there is really no reason not to watch on your TV.

Mobile and Tablet


ShowMax is available on iOS and Android in an app form. You sign into your account and all your recommendations are there for you. If you are using your Android device, you can now download your content to your device over Wi-Fi, and watch it later when you are off Wi-Fi and data restricted.

Both the iOS and Android apps are free to download, and the ability to download content to your device, will release on iOS sometime in 2016.



If you are working during the holiday season and you have access to the internet on your work PC, then why not be productive and use ShowMax to at least make those working days a little more exciting. Visiting on your PC will take you to the website where you can, yet again, watch everything on offer in a web-based player.

Right now ShowMax has some great Xmas movies, like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which is probably the only Xmas movie that matters in this world. So while you are missing out on the Xmas season, because you are working and all, why not experience it in movie form?