Remember that teaser trailer we reported on the other day? Well, the official reveal took place last night and it turned out to be a rather pretty-looking side scroller. Song of the Deep as it is formally known is described as Insomniac Games’ new “passion project“.

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Throughout development we’ve tried to create moments of awe-inducing wonder. With Song of the Deep, Insomniac hopes to transport players to a world they’ve never been to, giving them a sense of amazement and awe.

The game plays out like any side-scrolling title, it is set underwater in an Irish Mythological world. It follows the story of Merryn as she sets off to find her father who has gone missing under the sea. The game will take players on an adventure through ruins, dangerous underwater caves, and lost ships.


The game is a 2D “Metrodvania” title with puzzles and massive emphasis on exploration. Merryn will explore the undersea world both in person and in her submarine. The submarine comes fitted with weapons and tools like a sonar blast and a grappling claw, and she and the vehicle will gain new abilities and weapons as the story progresses.

Throughout the game Merryn will discover strange and, ancient worlds and battle ferocious creatures. The game is set for release this July on PS4, Xbox One and PC via digital download only. Physical copies of the game are said to be exclusive to GameStop in the US. It is still unclear if SA will be receiving physical copies of the game.