Netflix is out globally as of last night, but just how great is the service?

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After a few hours and a couple of episodes of Jessica Jones later, I can say that Netflix could be my new favourite way to watch content.

First off let us get one thing clear, many people are still confused as to what Netflix actually. Netflix is not a channel based service rather it is a content based service. This means that there is no live TV at all, rather it is a content streaming service that lets you watch full movies and TV shows on various devices.

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Netflix in South Africa has various subscription options starting at R129.99 and reaching R199.99. These options are all based on different internet and family packages. If you are running ADSL and have a 4mb line, then there is no way that you will be able to stream HD content, so stick to the Basic Package that does not have HD streaming. I went for the Premium subscription as my LTE streams full 1080p and my entire family would want to take advantage of Netflix on my account.

Netflix on TV

As I have a Samsung Smart TV, I was surprised to see that the app is not yet available on the Smart Hub store, even now I cannot find the app. Let us hope that this global rollout means that these TVs get the app, otherwise it would be a disappointment. I will continue to keep on trying to get this going and will update this post accordingly

Netflix on Mobile

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Netflix mobile app was instantly available when the rollout took place last night. The app is available on iOS and Android, and is free to download.


Netflix on PS4


The Netflix app for the PS4 is live and available on the PlayStation Store. The App is great and runs really well on PS4.

Want to unlock all the content?

There is very limited content when it comes to Netflix in SA. I used to use the US version and there was so much more compared to the SA version we have now.


There are a few methods that you can take to unlock all the content. This includes using a DNS spoofer or a VPN switcher. One really nice site that I use is Unotelly. You sign up, and you get a DNS address which you enter into your network settings on your PC or TV, this will then unlock all the content.

Is it worth it?

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Netflix is great, and we will surely be getting way more content in the future as it continues to expand, and as of now it is a better alternative than ShowMax as it has much more content available and with the DNS switch, you can watch even more that what you bargained for. The shows stream in full 1080p for me without any buffering, which makes it so worth your while, plus each family member gets their own account to tailor make their own viewing style.