If you are using Netflix in SA and have used a VPN or DNS to unlock the American content on the service, then you have probably heard the news that Netflix plans to block these VPN services in the next coming weeks. The announcement came when David Fullager, the vice-president of content delivery architecture announced on his blog that in the “coming weeks” Netflix members would only be able to access titles available in their territory.

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David mentioned that the company will put a stop to VPNs, proxy servers, and unblockers. He did not go into detail just how they would go about this, but he did mention that they would use “industry standard technologies” to do so.

Many tech insiders believe that Netflix can to prevent these unblockers, but it will not be an easy or even perhaps possible task. Netflix’s approach to this is to blacklist VPN exit points maintained by companies that are basically around to spoof locations. All these VPN companies will do is move to another IP address and evade Netflix’s ban.

VPN provider TorGaurd has already commented on this situation saying that users “don’t have to worry“. Netflix’s stance on this issue could lead users back to piracy. More than 200,000 users in Australia used a VPN service to access Netflix last year, and that number has since hit 1 million in mid-November.

If you are using a VPN, DNS or Proxy, then carry on enjoying the benefits. We have not seen any sort of proof that Netflix has started to ban these services as of yet.