The available content on the South African Netflix isn’t half bad. But when you compare it to the American site, it leaves much to be desired. Just how different is our Netflix offering compared to the America’s version? Well let us put things into perspective.



Unotelly tells it like it is. Out of 14 156 titles available across the board on Netflix, South Africa has a measly 676.

We are the 7th lowest country out of all the countries that have Netflix, in terms of content. Hong Kong being the lowest with only 538 pieces of content available, followed by Israel with 593. Out of the 676, we only have 200 shows, and the rest are movies and documentaries.

Looking at the homepage of the South African site, we can see a major difference in content from the get-go. American Horror Story, Family Guy, Sherlock, Breaking Bad and more are among the titles that we just do not have.

Netflix US

American Home Page

Netflix South Africa

South African Home Page

Take a look at the most popular series below and see if it is available in SA

 Show United Kingdom  South Africa United States
 Family Guy No No  Yes
American Horror Story Yes No Yes
Gotham Yes No Yes
Pokemon Yes Yes Yes
Terra Nova Yes No Yes
Digimon Yes Yes Yes
iZombie No No Yes
House No No  Yes
Grey’s Anatomy No No  Yes
Star Wars: The Clone Wars No No Yes
New Girl No No Yes
Friends No No Yes
Breaking Bad Yes No Yes
Once Upon a Time Yes No Yes
The Walking Dead No No Yes
Blacklist No Yes Yes
Gossip Girl Yes No Yes
Ru Paul’s Drag Race Yes No Yes
Miranda Yes No No

These shows are the main reason why people would sign up to Netflix. We are missing a great number of some of the best shows in the industry. These shows are especially great for binge watching as they are pretty far into their seasons which makes them ideal to catch up on the past seasons.  The United Kingdom version is also lacking in TV shows, but it makes up for it in a better range of movies available.

Screenshot (305)

When it comes to movies, the US Netflix page offers a DVD subscription that unlocks many of the movies available on the United Kingdom page with your account. This is an extra $7.99 a month and all the movies listed below as “no” are available on this service.

Here are some movie comparisons

 Movie United Kingdom South Africa United States
 Toy Story 3 Yes  No  No
Despicable Me 2 Yes  No  No
 Grown Ups Yes  No  No
 Walk of Shame Yes No  No
 Anchorman 2 Yes  No  No
 Chef Yes  No  Yes
 Zombieland Yes  No  No
 Norbit  Yes No  No
 Littleman No  No Yes
Daddy Day Care No Yes Yes

In a nutshell it is clear, we in SA are paying a fortune for Netflix, thanks to the weak rand, and we are definitely getting the short end of the stick. I would highly recommend using a DNS service to unlock the rest of the content, preferably one that lets you move from the US store to the UK store when you feel like it.