We have the Sony Xperia Z5 in our hands and have been using it for a few days now. We will have a review on the device, as well as a camera comparison soon, but in the mean time here are some tips and tricks for the device, if you are using a Z5.


Fingerprint Scanner


Believe it or not, but hidden on the home button of the device is a fingerprint scanner. In order to make full use of the device’s scanner, be sure to add multiple fingerprints to your device’s security setting. This also helps when holding the device in the other hand and trying to unlock it. You can register more fingerprints in the Security settings on the device, and it will take you a few seconds to register each finger as you place it on the button a few times to get it recognized.

Disable Unwanted Apps


Like all Android devices, the Sony Xperia Z5 also gets weighed down by unwanted apps. Feel free to disable these apps by heading into Settings and tapping on Apps. Here you will find a few apps that you can really do without, unless you want them open. Just swipe left and find the “running” tab. Here you can disable everything that is running that you will never need.

Easy Access Tab


The iPhone’s “swipe up” tab is the best when you want to access the calculator and flash. The Xperia Z5 has the same feature, just tap on the processors tab and you will have access to the calculator, screen capture, web browser, and stop watch. All these apps are pop up, so you can continue to carry on working on the device while these apps stay open on top of whatever you are doing.

Stamina Mode


The Sony Xperia Z5 has a great battery, but at times you will need to have an even better one. Stamina Mode helps prolong the battery life by turning off Wi-Fi and mobile data when the screen is off. Two of the most battery draining features on any device. The Z5 might run a but slower than usual, but it will help when you are on the last few percentage on the device. To activate it, tap on Stamina Mode in settings, and toggle it on.

Add Another User

Sony Xperia Z5

If you hate people going on your phone when all they want to do is “play games” then let them play them. The Guest Mode on the Xperia Z5 allows people to use the phone without having access to certain apps, setting and features. To create a guest account, open up the Settings app and scrolls down to users. Where it says “Guest” click on the cog icon and set whether or not the Guest account can do certain things on your device.



The Xperia Z5 has a great camera, but by default the setting on the camera are all set to low, like the resolution.

The camera is capable of taking 23MP shots at a resolution of 5520×4140, but this setting is off by default. If you want to take the best pics, then open up the camera app and tap on the three dots at the top corner. From there tap on Resolution and select the one you want to use. Also be sure to tweak your settings in Photo Mode. Here you can select manual and choose various tweaks which will make your photos look even better.

So there you have a few tips that could save you battery power, privacy issues, and result in better photos. We will have more coverage on the Sony Xperia Z5 as we spend more time with it.