If you think your job is bad, then wait until you realise that some people get paid to make videos for YouTube, and most of them aren’t even talented.

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Pewdiepie comes in at number one, earning $12 million in 2015 alone. He was also the most watched gamer with over 41 million subscribers in total as of January 2016.


Pewdiepie plays games, and pretends he is bad at them after years of gaming, for views and subscribers.


Smosh is a channel that revolves around two guys with extreme personalities. They produce parody videos based on real-life shows and scenarios. Some of their stuff is pretty funny, and some if it will make you question life’s meaning altogether.


Smosh has 21 million subscribers and in 2015 they grossed in $8.5 million.

The Fine Brothers 

The Fine Brothers are responsible for some of the best “React” videos on the Internet. You know those videos where children react to old gaming hardware, and old people react violent and sexual video games and movies? Well, they are all produced by The Fine Brothers.


The channel has 14 million subscribers, and in 2015 they made $8.5. Please people, let us make them number one?

Lindsey Stirling

Finally someone with some actual talent. Lindsey Stirling is a violin player who covers some of the most spectacular music scores in the world. She also films epic videos that showcase some powerful CG effects, while she gazes off in the distance looking all lost.


Lindsey Stirling is great at what she does, and she shows tremendous talent. She is sitting at 7.5 million subscribers, and in 2015 she pulled in $6 million.

Rhett and Link

It seems that YouTube is full of old men doing young-minded things, and Rhett and Link is just another channel filled with overacting and un-original ideas. One of the better videos was Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs Geek, which we could all related to some way or another. It showed to guys going at it in a rap battle to describe how being a geek is different to being a nerd.


Rhett and Link have close to 4 million subscribers, and in 2015 they made $4.5 million.


There is nothing worse in this world than a loud and arrogant guy playing a mindless sports game, and KSI is all about that.

maxresdefault (1)

KSI is sitting close to 3 million subscribers, and in 2015 he raked in $4.5 million.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan loves cute things, and her channel is all about everything she loves, cute things. She also loves herself more than life itself, and it shows in her videos, which are all about her. If you ever want to do makeup, or listen to someone go on about themselves 70% of the time and cute things the other 30%, then she is your girl.

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Michelle Phan has quite the subscriber count at 8.3 million, and all her cute endorsements cashed in $3 million in 2015.

Lilly Singh

Yet another channel that revolves around overly-done ideas and cheap laughs. YouTube, you are really killing me. Lilly Singh takes everyday scenarios and films herself trying to relate to normal people.


Lilly Singh is on 7.7 million subscribers, and in 2015, she pulled in $2.5 million

Roman Atwood

Most of Roman’s videos revolve around him holding his camera towards himself and talking the biggest load or rubbish into it, and then occasionally pointing it towards someone else to do the same. What made his channel so popular though, was his epic pranks, which he tries now, but they just do not have the same authentic feel as they used to.


Roman is sitting on 5.3 million subscribers, and in 2015 he also earned $2.5 million.

Rosanna Pansino

Finally something to eat! Rosanna spends her time making the best food that fits all our geek needs. From Death Star cakes, to BB-8 lollipops. She is awesome because out of everyone on this list, she does something that we can actually use in life.


Rosanna is on 5.4 million subscribers, and she too earned $2.5 million in 2015. If you ask me it should have been $13 million.