If there is one game that has been on everyone’s radar over the past few months, it’s the upcoming title by Ubisoft Montreal, Tom Clancy’s: The Division.

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The Division

The Division is an open world third-person shooter role-playing game. It merges all these genres together to create a shooter with a deep loot system that also has survival elements. The game takes place in New York, after a smallpox pandemic spreads on Black Friday which was transmitted through bank notes. The virus sweeps through the U.S. and the entire United States Government collapses in five days. First it was basic services like food and water, then the country collapsed into turmoil.

Tom Clancy's: The Division

You play as a member of the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD), also know as The Division. Agents that are part of the SHD have been trained to operate independently or with a team. The Division have been given direct instruction by the US Presidency to do whatever it takes to prevent the complete collapse of society and bring peace back to the country. The game will see players coming into contact with the conspiracy behind the virus, as well as the rebels who have taken the fall of society as a sign to form factions and take over the city for themselves.

Technical Things

The Division launches on 8 March 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game also has a beta coming up at the end of January which will run across one weekend, on all three platforms. You need to pre-order the game, either from a retailer, or online to secure your beta access. The beta will run on the following days in January:

  • Xbox One: 28 January – 30 January
  • PC: 28 January – 30 January
  • PS4: 28 January – 30 January

What will be in the beta is still a mystery, but with just over a week to go until it is live, we will definitely have as much coverage as possible on the entire experience.

Tom Clancy's: The Division


The Division is a third-person cover shooter that focuses on tactical gameplay. It has a strong emphasis on character skills, which allows players to use whatever weapons and gadgets they have for their specific classes and skill level.

The game’s strong emphasis on its RPG elements means that the skills and mods you attach to your weapons, and gear you wear will be the most important part of your character. Enemies have health and levels, and your equipment will determine how much damage you do to these enemies. There is no one-hit kills with a sniper precision shot, and no 3 hits to the heart to take an enemy down. You will take cover and fire when you can to deal damage, even if it means shooting a few magazines into an enemy to kill them. Sure this might seem weird to players who are used to games like The Order: 1886, and GTA, but it will be something you will easily get used to if you are a RPG fan.

The Division

Your character is your main focus in the game and it all comes down to your level and abilities. As you level up you will unlock new abilities that can be applied to your various weapons and character perks. The Talent system revolves around 3 categories:

  • Medical,
  • Tech, and
  • Security.

You can un-equip and equip skills on the fly, and it’s best to chat to your team mates to discuss who is running what skills for the job ahead. Having one Medical, one Tech and one Security character would be ideal, but again, you can equip multiple Talents in various slots.

As you explore the city you will come across various missions to undertake. These will range from reclaiming different locations, saving a key person, or just finding a stash of items to extract. As you progress through the missions for the various branches, your base of operations can be upgraded. These upgrades will visually change the way each wing in your base looks, and they will then unlock new skills and abilities for you to learn.

The Division

By the looks of things, The Division will be something that you play through and progress in every aspect of the game. Your character and weapons upgrade as your base becomes more fortified which results in new skills. It’s all very RPG based, and we are really looking forward to playing it with 2 friends as the game boasts a 3-player campaign mode. Keeping that in mind, Ubisoft has stated that the game is playable solo, but everything is better with friends right?

PvP Mode

The Division will have a PvP mode called the Dark Zone. The Dark Zone will be the best place to get gear as it has the loot drops in the game. How it works is that players will enter this Dark Zone where other players from around the world wait for them. You will have to find gear and extract it before the other enemy players can kill you and take it for themselves. This is where team work becomes vital in getting out with your gear alive. Setting the right skills to aid your team mates be it sniping from the background, or healing them when they are down. The Dark Zone is a serious place for serious players.

The Division