TV show houses sometimes play a central role to the story. Our favourite characters’ lives play out in these make-believe houses and if you’re a true fan you’ll feel like you know every inch of these places.


Artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde was more than just a fan, he became a super fan and meticulously worked out what the layout of these famous apartments and houses would be if they were real and not just sets. He even went so far as to refer to studio set photos so that he can check that his proportions, measurements, spacing, furniture, layout and objects are just perfect.

Sex and the City

TV Show Houses 4

If this apartment’s walls could talk they would probably cough lots from all the cigarettes Carrie Bradshaw smokes in such a tiny space. In Sex and the City we usually see Carrie and the girls out and about in beautiful New York, but we do get to spend some time in Carrie‘s apartment where she writes her steamy weekly column or gives people advice on the phone.

The Big Bang Theory

TV Show Houses 2

These two apartments are very significant to the story as the TV show is shot in front of a live-studio audience and they serve as the settings for most scenes.


TV Show Houses 1

These are probably the two most famous TV show houses or apartments out there. For 10 years we saw how these six friends hilariously struggled through life’s issues. It was very convenient that four of the six friends not only lived in the same building but on the same floor as well. There’s also the time when Rachel and Monica are forced to switch apartments with Chandler and Joey after losing a match to determine who knows more about who.

The Simpsons

TV Show Houses 7
This house is so popular that people have actually recreated it in real life. Based on the floor plans for the Simpsons’ house, life wasn’t difficult in Springfield.

Will & Grace

TV Show Houses 7

Another show where people live across the hall from each other is Will & Grace. This messed up pair start off living separately then move in together, then Grace moves out to the apartment across the hall. She soon moves back in with Will and Jack then takes over her lease. Jack gets so settled into his new spot that he even later opens his own cafe outside his apartment where he drinks and eats with Karen.

Two and a Half Men
TV Show Houses 5

The music business really pays well as Charlie‘s house, that he is forced to share with his divorced brother and his son, is huge. Not only is it massive, it is also right on the beach.

 How I Met Your Mother

TV Show Houses 3
Ted and Marshall‘s apartment later becomes only Ted‘s when Marshall marries Lilly and they move into their own spot. The apartment might not be very big, and it only has one bathroom, but it’s ideal as it is located right above their favourite watering hole which means they never have to crawl too far after a big evening.