Twitter is known as a microblogging site and has become famous for quickly pushing out news in short 140 character Tweets.

Many have moaned about the Tweet character limit and it seems Twitter has listened. According to a report the company is looking at expanding the 140 character limit to 10 000 characters per Tweet.

Before you quit Twitter because you fear that you’ll start seeing essays in your Timeline, don’t despair. Twitter obviously realises that many people will become super annoying and has reportedly set the new function up in such a way that your Timeline will still only contain Tweets that are 140 characters or shorter with the option to expand a Tweet and then read more.

The 140 character restriction wasn’t launched with Twitter and was only added in the early days to make the messaging style the same as SMS (160 character restriction). Users have also been able to get around these restrictions themselves by either posting images of their message or sometimes sending out a string of messages labeling them like pages (1/2 for instance).

CEO and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey took to the site to address the rumours and it seems the company is open to the idea of longer Tweets:

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