You know when you sign up to WhatsApp and it tells you how many months of service you still have? Not many people actually pay the $0.99 as WhatsApp just further extends these subscriptions, it seems that it plans on scrapping this payment completely.

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WhatsApp has announced that the service will be free and it will no longer charge subscriptions fees. This is after it realised that asking people to pay for the service was not the right approach. Many WhatsApp users don’t have a credit or debit card, which has led many of them to worry about losing contact with their friends and family when the service ends. WhatsApp will remove the service charge from now on.

Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

This has led to people wondering just how WhatsApp plans on running without subscription fees, and if it plans on adding in third-party ads. WhatsApp announced that it doesn’t intend on implementing ads at all, and would rather focus on growing the service in a more commercial way by letting users communicate with businesses and organisations.

That could mean communicating with your bank about whether a recent transaction was fraudulent, or with an airline about a delayed flight. We all get these messages elsewhere today – through text messages and phone calls – so we want to test new tools to make this easier to do on WhatsApp, while still giving you an experience without third-party ads and spam.