We all need those programs that make our lives easier. Be it copying data to and from a USB, extracting a zip folder, deleting a file that does not want to go away, or simply downloading a video off of YouTube.

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Here are some programs that will boost your Windows 10 experience:


When copying a file to a USB or a different location on your PC, there is nothing worse than needing two files that are in different locations. Having to select one file then copying it, and then copying the other file at a different location takes double the amount of time, and it is just not ideal when you need to select a multiple amount of files.


Terracopy lets you open a separate program and select multiple files in different locations, before you actually start the copying process. It is so much easier than going through different folders and selecting files from each. Teracopy also utilizes your disk transfer rate to its maximum, which boosts transfer speed across your PC and USBs.

Internet Download Manager

A must-have for anyone who does any sort of downloading on Windows. Internet Download Manager (IDM), integrates itself into your web browser, preferably Google Chrome, and has the ability to download any sort of media off web pages. YouTube for example, but not Netflix though, do not push it.


IDM also takes over your standard download preferences on your browser, so anything you download, be it PDFs off emails, MP3s off sites, or JPGs off Facebook, will be downloaded through IDM. It arranges each download into a set folder depending on the file type. Videos will be downloaded into a video file, and PDFs will be downloaded into documents.  IDM costs around R160 for a lifetime purchase, which is really worth it.


WinRAR used to be the best thing since sliced bread, but it has since become a fairly PC-intensive program that used way too much background resources when not being used. 7-zip on the other hand is an extremely lightweight program that is barely noticeable while running Windows. It supports just as many compressed folder types as WinRAR, and is free.


If you need to send a group of attachments to someone, use it to zip them up. It saves disk space, and can extract much faster than Windows’s built-in extractor. There is also a background mode which helps if you are extracting a fairly large file, and still need to use your PC while it extracts.


Unlocker is a neat program that basically unlocks any file that you cannot access in terms of deleting. If you have a PDF that cannot delete because Windows says it is being used, a common issue on Windows, just right-click on the file and choose Unlocker – Delete.


Unlocker is also helpful for deleting those Windows.old installations that are left behind after reformatting your PC. Be warned though, Unlocker will delete anything you want to delete, even if it is a crucial Windows file. In other words, use at your own risk.


It might sound like a mouthful, but this little program has saved my life countless times. What it does, is it has the ability to go through your web browsers, be it Google Chrome, IE, FireFox, and Opera, and find every password and username you have ever entered into it.


If you logged into a website 3 months ago and forgot the username and password, but you know you have an account, then this program will be able to give you a list of the usernames and password associated to the site. If you are moving work locations, or reformatting your PC, you can then export the entire list of recorded passwords to a txt file. The best thing about this program, is that it does everything in the background, and you will never need to write anything down.