Platforms: Xbox One
Reviewed  on: Xbox One
Distributor: Xbox Live
Developer: Rimlight Studios
Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: 15 January 2016
Price: R229

On the outside Zheros might look like an epic beat ’em up, but at its best moments its a rather drab and utterly boring game, that is not worth your bandwidth, or your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

At the start of the game you are introduced to the two playable characters, Dorian, a female, and Mike being the male. You know that you need to take down an evil villain named Dr. Vendetta.


The game plays out in a level-based system, where you start at one point and get to the other end by fighting through waves of enemies. Sounds like a Double Dragon clone right? Well, it’s not. The levels feel like they have just been copied and pasted across an environment as you just run through the pathways in an endless abyss of repetitiveness. There is very little variation between any of the level design. There is an odd trap here and there like an electric floor that deals damage if you walk over it. It does very little damage so you can run over it anyway. The rest of the levels are simple, boring, and lack any sort of artistic appeal at all. It kind of feels like a tech demo, or a level made in LittleBigPlanet by a 2-year old.

When it comes to combat, it is not half bad. You will need to fight waves and waves of the same enemy, over and over again. Sure this is fun for the first 3 hours of the game, but after a while you feel like you leave your body and watch your action play out itself. Combat changes as you level up and unlock new combos. Some of the combos are pretty cool for the first 100 times, but after a while you will just be pressing the same button again and again just to get it over with.

Once you find the best combo, which is basically roll, followed by a hit, which shoots the enemy up in the air to be hit again. This is all you really need to get anything done. You also have a firearm that can be upgraded to deal damage to a few enemies in the distance, this is the best way out when you just want to take down the group coming towards you.


In the end, the game has very little worth experiencing. It is actually cheeky that Microsoft included it as a free game in this month’s Game with Gold program as it is really nothing to write home about. Its combat, levels, characters, story and enemies are bland, and little effort has been put into providing even a little satisfaction to the player. Without losing anymore sleep over this game, I am going to stop writing about it now.

Zheros Review
Does not last that long
Bland CombatRepetitive Everything
Value for Money43%
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