We cannot expect less when it comes to the upcoming release of Zoolander 2 and the way the studio is approaching the marketing for the film. Zoolander is all about fashion, beauty and pretentiousness. The latest trailers, or “ads” for the upcoming film show off beauty products that are being advertised by some of the movie’s cast.

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The first trailer, seen below is all about a fragrance called No.2. The trailer goes on to market the smell of the fragrance as a Number 2. Take it anyway you want, but the comical satire in this ad is extremely well thought of.

The second ad features Kirsten Wiig, also known as Alexanya Atoz in the film. She is advertising her youth cream called “Youth Milk”. She has clearly had way too much plastic surgery, and praises the cream for all her beauty. The cream has some world ingredients in it like the water from the street puddles in Indonesia, and desert flowers. Alexanya also markets the lotion by saying that it will make you happy, because when you look old, you are sad, but when you look young, you are happy. Check out the full advert below.

Will Farrell, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson return to reprise their iconic roles.

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Zoolander 2