Starting today, if you have a Samsung device running Lollipop or newer, then your web browser might need to be updated. The newest update to the Android-based web browser finally adds ad block support. The browser blocks ads and content to help declutter websites, improve load times and reduce data consumption.

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The browser will be the second browser to include ad blocker support after Apple introduced it back in iOS 9 last September. Until now, Android’s web browser, and even Google’s browser, Google Chrome, was unable to block ads, even with the support of third-party extensions. Users would have to download additional browsers such as Opera and Brave to try to eliminate those pesky ads. Blocking ads on a mobile device has never actually been a top priority over desktop browsers, but it is nice to see Samsung and Android working on phasing them out of mobile devices.

Although Samsung might be trying to cut out ads on their browser, it might still be a while until users realise that it has been done. Most Android users make use of Google Chrome rather than the built-in web browser on the device. Google Chrome is more popular than any other web browsers around. Regardless, Samsung will have the first built-in Android ad blocker, so this is a sign of good things to come.