The Bang and Olufsen Earset 3i is part of the B&O Play range, which launched in late 2015.


The earphones are well-constructed and pack some decent sound which follows the B&O tradition. Sound is clearer and loud noises are less loud, bringing out more detail when compared to other headsets on the market that have too much bass, thinking that is what people want.

B&O Earset 3i Tech Specs

Feature Logitech Airtimes Spectrum
Wired/Wireless Wired
Frequency 50-20,000Hz
Colours Aluminium with black, white, green, orange, yellow
Designed by Anders Hermansen
Mic No
Cord Buttons Volume+/-, Play/Pause

B&O Earset 3i


The B&O Earset 3i has a beautiful brushed aluminium design to it. The earphones are mounted on an aluminium rod with a swivel to open the ear clasp and close it. The earphones rotate on and out, so it fits on almost every ear. In the box are four sets of ear padding that fit over the earpiece, and provide a snug feel.

On the cord of the earphones is a button switch which has the volume up and down button, as well as the play/pause button.

The box also has a clip to secure the earphones to your shirt while jogging. They also come with a nice carry pouch which fits the premium look and separates the earphones from each other by placing them in their own sockets.

B&O Earset 3i


The sound quality which the earphones provide is top notch. Sound quality is clear and really fantastic, mid-range frequencies are handled well, and loud volume did not distort the music at all. All-round it handles any genre pretty well, and the speakers did not once feel like a cheap gimmick.e

B&O Earset 3i


The B&O Earset 3i is just another example of how amazing the brand is, and the pure quality it provides in its products. It is pricey at R3699.99, but its quality and lifetime experience promises more than the price could ask for.


B&O Earset 3i Review
Great SoundPremium Design
PriceyFoam Earphones
Performance 85%
Value for Money80%
Reader Rating 6 Votes