More and more people are starting to realise the benefits of coding. Not only for a career choice per se, but to generally open up opportunities for themselves. One such person is Hugo Prinsloo from Cape Town who has overcome many boundaries and has lifted up his life through teaching himself to code.


Hugo is described by his brother in a loving tribute and those close to him as an “enigma” because his talents and unique way of thinking always made him stand out, but not in a traditionally academic sense. From a young age he saw the world differently and his mind works in a cool way, which he will later learn is ideal for coding.


Hugo learned how to code during a tough time in his life, but coding helped elevate him out of a dark space and opened up a whole new world of possibilities for this bright and awesome dude. The coding language he taught himself is called Swift which is used for iOS, OS X, tvOS and WatchOS.

After years of wasting his talents in dabbling in other career paths, Hugo had found his calling. He couldn’t wait to learn more and would spend all of his free time learning to code. He especially started kicking it up a gear when he met a German girl who motivated him to code even more and soon a summer romance had turned into a summer of transformation.

But Hugo didn’t forget to be romantic. In fact, he did one of the most romantic things in the digital age: he built a love app, which documented their summer in Cape Town together. As Hugo’s love flew back to Germany she was delightfully surprised by an app he had secretly created and installed on her phone.

The app was called Flash Back, which is a password-protected and romantically sweet interactive diary of their summer of love. It has rich media features like videos, voice recordings, GIFs, handwritten letters and more, all creatively coded by Hugo throughout the summer.

Now, after finding his love for coding, Hugo has moved on to land a sick job as part of an iOS development team at a South African e-commerce company. Coding has helped this talented guy find his focus and passion and is sure to be a creative and intellectual outlet for millions of other people too.

You can read his brother Hannes Prinsloos piece here