Director Tim Miller
Cast Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin and T.J. Miller
Rating R18
Genre Action
Running Time 1 Hour 48 Min.

If there was any superhero film on our radars this year, it was Deadpool.

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Deadpool is not your average Superman and Spiderman, and if you know the character, this would be old news for you. The film finally gives Deadpool the attention he has so desperately been seeking for some time now, and Ryan Reynolds brings the character to life in rather epic proportions.

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, you know when an actor just fits the spot perfectly? Say Robert Downey Jr to Iron Man, and Scarlett Johansson to Black Widow. Ryan Reynolds just makes Deadpool, and it’s the best part of the movie as he brings the comedy and sexual innuendos to life. It also helps that Ryan has a smoking hot body and even in the toughest moments, under layers of prosthetics, he still manages to be the star of the film, as if he just strutted out of a comic book shaking his tush.


From the opening credits, the film sets its humorous tone and Deapool does not keep quite for a second. Every moment of the film is filled with some sort of cheap joke and over-the-top character movement that really makes you chuckle. Sometimes his humour is so overbearing that when a support role tries to say something funny, it really falls flat and fails to hit home. Even in the film’s darkest moments, where a tear should fall from our eyes, the drama is interrupted with some sort of smart remark from Deadpool. He is way too relaxed for anything that is really going on around him. At times Reynolds refers to certain metafictions, that again, really brings out the best in the Marvel universe and sometimes takes a stab at certain events, but all in good fun. At times he shines the most when certain scenes take place that really require you to pay attention to the surroundings. His blind elderly flatmate, played by Leslie Uggams, who tries to build IKEA furniture, only to fail which results in them arguing over which one they should have gone with in the first place. It’s all unrelated to the plot, but really important as his character seeps into your skin.


Deadpool is strongest with humour, but it is weak when it comes to its choice of villain. It is an origin story so it is expected to pay homage to the character’s past and source of power.

Wade Wilson uses all his wit to swoop a lady off her feet, to be diagnosed with terminal cancer, and enter a secret research program which promises to cure him. He then gets tortured and mutated in the process, and after he escapes, he plots his revenge on the man who caused all his problems, Ajax. His past and lead-up events all take place in a montage as he explains how he got to a certain point in the film. There is no training sequences, or master yen that guided him to the point he is at, he simply wants revenge, and will take out anyone in the way.

The issue here is that the villain, and his posse, are just not very memorable. We are in a Marvel film, so we expect intergalactic aliens, and phantoms who can shapeshift. I know it is Deadpool, but Ajax (Ed Skrein), the villain, lacked any sort of threat and presence in the film. He was there, but you kind of forgot about him. He had no evil plan, no real power, and at times his sidekick Angel Dust (Gina Carano), was more appealing as a threat than he was. Deadpool made up for this in the rather flashy action scenes that were more CG than anything else, but they were awesome to watch. The fights between Ajax and Deadpool again, seemed a bit underwhelming, and we expected more in terms of how Deadpool embraced his abilities, compared to the comic books where he wreaks havoc on the world.


Megasonic and Colossus both appear in the film, and they too take on a more comedic role than seen before. It is refreshing to see Colossus in this light, and even though the other X-Men are not around, the film found a way to point fun at this anyway.

Deadpool definitely deserved its R18 rating. Brains flying all over the place, heads rolling, and Ryan Reynolds nude ass. This is not a film you want your child to watch. Saying that, it is all done extremely well, and the action scenes are enjoyable to watch.



Deadpool is quite an experience. It is really nice to see a lighter side of a superhero, past all the arrogance and money (Iron-Man), and watch the Marvel universe from another point of view. The revenge plot and villain falls flat, but luckily Ryan Reynolds, take the spotlight and makes you forget all about why Deadpool is chopping people up in the first place.

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