Far Cry Primal is less than one week away and we have been watching this game for some time now. Is it the Far Cry you know? Not really, rather something that has gone in a new direction with a new setting and a new type of gameplay.

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Far Cry Primal takes us back a few thousand years when mankind was but a pigment in the food chain, and survival was the only thing that mattered,. Far Cry Primal will take players back in time to the early days of mankind in 10,000 BC. The game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal as well as some help from Ubisoft Toronto, Shanghai and Kiev.

Far Cry Primal

The story sees you as Takkar who, after losing everything and becoming the last surviving member of his tribe, sets out to take on the mysterious region of Oros, while rebuilding a tribe of his own. Oros is a fertile valley at the foot of an ancient glacier. The climate allows for lush fields and forests to hunt in, as well as a few snowy locations. Throughout the world you will see humans hunting and hiding away at night as the predators come out when the sun sets.

Far Cry Primal takes things to a whole new level as players buy weapons and tools, and craft new items that are made from the bone and flesh of the beasts you slay. Players must hunt for food while moving their tribe across the deadly frozen wilderness.  There will be no guns of any sort, rather man-made weapons which players must use to survive and kill.

Far Cry Primal

Crafting comes in various tiers such as traps, grenade-like bombs that contain poison gasses and bees. Traps will be placed around your hunting ground to trap enemies and even keep predators at bay by warning you when they trigger them.

Takkar can also tame wild animals around Oros. Takkar would lure in the animal with bait and then use a spiritual power to tame the beast. Each beast will have its own abilities that come in handy when faced with certain challenges. The wolf for example can scout ahead and even sneak up on enemies and take them down without being seen. The wolf can then take down enemies by pulling them to the ground by their neck, leaving them vulnerable. Feeding your beast will reward them for hard work, and heal them too. Another animal is the owl which can be tamed and used to recon the area ahead. The owl can fly around the area ahead, controlled by the player, and tag predators and enemies.

Far Cry Primal

There are various animals that can be tamed and used at any time in the game depending on the challenge ahead. There is also a Black Jaguar which is great for stealth as it has the ability to take down targets without alerting nearby enemies. The Tiger for example just tags enemies in a small radius. It all comes down to the challenge ahead, and the best route to go with.

There will no longer be any “sync towers” which you need to climb up to reveal parts of the map. Instead, the game has bonfires which are used to fast travel to and from. Here you can also access your village stash. You will need to claim a bonfire in order to use it in future. Mammoths are useful for travelling as you can ride them and also use them to take down enemies.

Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal looks and sounds great, with some of the best sound design in the series. The developers even made their own language to go along with the game’s tribal theme. Environments are lush and filled, with secrets, and the world is the largest to date. We will have more on Far Cry Primal as we lead up to its release on 23 February 2016. The game is launching on PS4, Xbox One, with PC followed in early March.