Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Tested On :
 Xbox One
Developer:  Dambuster Studios
Publisher: Deep Silver
Distributor: Apex Interactive
Release Date: 20 May 2016

After spending the weekend with the closed beta, we’re confident that under all the bugs and connectivity issues, there is a really great co-op shooter hiding in Homefront: The Revolution that will demand your attention.

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The beta, which was live this weekend on Xbox One, was clearly a very early build of the game. Visuals were shoddy, bugs were present, and character animations where a little unstable, resulting in a rather hilarious experience. At the core however, there was a great game in the making, something that relies on heavy team work and a great sense of one’s combat skills.

Homefront The Revolution (3)

The missions are all based off objectives. Go here and hack this, or go and take out all the enemies in a certain spot to clear the way for your rebellion members. Although it sounds boring in theory, it’s really enjoyable, especially with a few friends.

You start out the multiplayer campaign with very little weapons, and need to level-up and earn cash to unlock boxes that have random equipment in them. Skills are purchased through XP and each skill tree benefits each type of player. Those who feel that they will do better if they craft grenades and Molotov cocktails throughout the mission, will stick to the Survivor skill tree. Those who want to rely on healing their team mates and being overall supportive, will stick to the Support tree.

Weapons and attachments are unlocked through a crate system which has a random chance to drop sets of gear depending on the crate you purchase. It was difficult to get a crate unlocked as most of the missions ended in us dying, or being kicked out of the server.

Homefront The Revolution (2)

All this preparation comes in handy during missions as you take on the GKR (Great Korean Republic) and their forces. You will sneak into building under the cover of darkness, go guns blazing into a command centre, and use your equipment to destroy their tanks and drones.

There are various enemies that you come into contact with throughout the missions. Standard mercenaries, Goliath tanks, heavy infantry, and drones. All of them have their own set of weaknesses and strengths, and each can be taken down differently. The easiest method is to stab someone in the back while hidden behind cover, although the beta was a bit buggy and prevented this method of attack.

There was even one mission that saw us get in a bike to ride across town, through buildings to avoid being spotted by enemies. If there was anything, the game sure had a decent amount of variety to keep you coming back to try new things.

Homefront The Revolution

The most important part of the game is teamwork as you scout the area ahead, pulling out your cellphone and using your camera to tag enemies in the distance which then shows up on your team mate’s screen too. You then plan your attack and route into an area, constantly alerting your team mates when there is an enemy nearby. If and when all hell breaks loose, you then just fire away at enemies taking everyone out as fast as possible to prevent any death of your squad.

After a few hours we were able to complete one mission without dying due to bugs and without being kicked off the server due to connectivity issues. We were rewarded with a massive amount of cash and XP. We really enjoyed the beta, through all the issues and bugs, and we’re looking forward to the final release. Let us just hope that it receives the polish it desperately needs.