It’s been revealed that there are four more magical schools other than the popular Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardy.


We already figured that the American school for witchraft and wizardy was called Ilvermorny thanks Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Magical Schools

There are apparently eleven magical schools in total around the world all registered with the International Confederation of Wizards. Here are the three additional schools we got some info and background on:

Uagadou – Africa

The magical school is located somewhere in deep, dark Africa and is the biggest of the all the magical schools. The school’s location remains very mysterious and the only know address is Mountains of the Moon. Students are well versed in wandless spells at Uagadou.


Don’t expect an owl from this school inviting you to study magic there. Prospective wizards and witches receive Dream Messengers sent by the headmaster or mistress. These will appear while you’re sleeping and leave a unique token in your hand.

Students are especially skilled in Astronomy, Alchemy and Self-Transfiguration. Many young witches and wizards are so skilled at Self-Transfiguration from this school that they can easily intimidate well-skilled and matured wizards and witches. They are able to turn into large animals like elephants and cheetahs from a young age.

Castelobruxo – Brazil

Castelobruxo temple is hidden deep inside the Brazillian rainforest. The wizards and witches in this school wear bright green robes and are great at Herbology and Magizoology. Thanks to the school’s location it offers exchange programs to European wizards and witches to study Herbology and Magizoology.

Magical Scools - Castelobruxo

The temple looks like ruins to Muggles and is protected by small and furry spirit-beings called Caipora.

Mahoutokor – Japan

This is the smallest school with the least amount of wizards and witches. The school is located somewhere on a volcanic island off Japan and is made of mutton-fat jade. These students apparently kickass at Quidditch.


Students start early at this school, starting at 7 years (as apposed to 11 years at Hogwarts), but they only start boarding from 11 years. Students wear enchanted robes that change from pink to gold through the years as they advance with their magical skills. The robes turn white when a law is broken by the wizard or witch they belong to and means instant expulsion and disgrace.