This weekend has some pretty cool releases. If you’re keen to eat lots of popcorn, slurp some slushies and watch the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie, Grimsby and other this weekend, then you’re in luck:


The over-the-top comedian and the guy responsible for Borat and Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen is back in a new comedy. The movie centres around two brothers. One is a pathetic football, overweight football hooligan and the other is a trained M16 agent (portrayed by Mark Strong). Isla Fisher, Rebel Wilson and Penelope Cruz all join the cast to bring you a real belly-acher.

new Sacha Baron Cohen movie


Anthony Hopkins and Colin Ferrel star in this sci-fi triller revolving around a hunt for a mad man serial killer.

The Gods of Egypt

This epic period film stars Gerard Butler, Courtney Easton and Brenton Twaites. The Gods of Egypt follows the story of the Set, the Egyptian god of darkness in his quest to take the throne of Egypt. Other gods and mortal men unite to take down Set and restore Egypt to peace and prosperity.


The Boy

If you’re keen to not sleep for a week then go watch The Boy. In this horror a nanny is surprised to learn that help has been enlisted to care for a doll. But the doll might be more alive than she thinks.