As we lead up to the 21 February event where Samsung plans on unveiling its 2016 flagship device, we can’t help but get excited for all the rumours and reports that are coming in about the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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It appears that the test results from Geekbench have been leaked on the device, and it has some serious power under its hood if these reports are correct. The phone scored 5352 on a Multi-Core test, and a 2347 on a single core. The test also shows that the device does indeed have 3GB of RAM, and a 1.59 GHz Qualcomm processor with 4 cores.


The phone is set to debut on February 27 and feature a 5.1-inch super AMOLED QHD display, a 12 MP BRITCELL camera with a f/1.7 aperture, and a 5MP selfie shooter. The device is said to be shipping in two models, one with a Exynos chipset, and one with a Qualcomm processer. Both devices are rumours to have an internal 3500mAh battery. Regardless of all these rumours, we just cannot wait for the unveiling to take place.