We have smartphones, smarthomes, smartwatches and now you will soon have a smart car mount to take your connectivity even further. Bluejay is a smart car mount that aims to allow user to connect their smartphones to their cars.

Smart Car Mount 1

The device is made out of durable carbon fiber and highgrade CNC aluminum that comes with Bluetooth Smart mount technology and can be placed anywhere in your car. There is also a Bluejay mobile app which connects the mount to your smartphone. The app opens automatically when you get into range of the Bluejay mount. The app lets you:

  • Locate and guide you to your car when you forgot where you parked;
  • Integrate your music library or stream music using the mount;
  • Find a filling station, repair shop or rest stop;
  • Find your phone if you’ve dropped it somewhere in your car;
  • Reply to text messages and calls received on your smartphone.

The Bluejay device has a simple interface to reduce distracting the driver. There are many different places to mount your new device. It comes with an air vent clip, suction cup and adhesive pad, giving you the freedom to position it anywhere in your car.

Smart Car Mount 2

Bluejay has other cool features like personalised driving stats which provides you with data like how far you can still drive with the amount of fuel left in your car, when you need an oil change and what your recommended tyre pressure of your vehicle is. The smart car mount comes with a battery that offers at least 1.5 years of power for the device and ships with an extra battery.

Bluejay is currently running its 36-day Kickstarter campaign and aims to raise $80 000. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, then shipping will start from July 2016.