The PlayStation TV had so much fan feedback when it was first unveiled that Sony decided to ship it to the West, after it was first announced as a Japan exclusive device. The device was not very successful due to Sony’s lack of support with new apps and features. Now it seems that Sony has given up on it, and a ceased production and shipment in Japan.

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Sony added to the official Japanese listing on its store that the PlayStation Vita TV, or PlayStation TV that the product is at its “End of Shipment”, which basically means that the shipping of the console is no longer taking place.


The product had potential, but due to poor support and weak sales from its companion, the PlayStation Vita, the device just never materialized into anything. The device sold a measly 185 450 units alone in Japan according to Media Create, since its November 2013 release, making it not a viable product for Sony to invest in any longer.

This discontinuation could lead to the product no longer being available in other parts of the world too, but Sony has yet to confirm this.