If you use Google Maps then you’ll love these tips and tricks to help you get the best out of this free Android and iOS navigation app:


Save Places

If you visit certain places frequently then it spares a lot of time saving those places for future reference.

Here’s how:

Select the place you want to save > Expand info at the bottom > Select Save (the star)

Find your saved list under Your Places (select the three horizontal lines on the top-left).

See Bus and Train Departures

If you need to the schedule for public transport services like buses and trains in your area then you can use Google Maps to ensure you’re on time.

Google Maps

Here’s how:

Open the app > Tap the Directions icon at the bottom (arrow pointing right) > Select public transport at the top > Swipe up to see departures for a specific bus stop or train station.

Location History

You can see a record of everywhere you’ve been.

Here’s how:

Visit this Google page > Signed into your Google account

You’ll be able to select a day and then see everywhere you’ve visited on that day or week or month.

If all of this sounds a bit creepy to you then you can have the option to either delete the history of a specific day or period or you can delete your entire history.

Here’s how:

Go to Google Settings > Location > Google Location History

Use Offline

Chances are that if you’re lost somewhere, it’ll probably be somewhere remote with no Internet access. If you plan ahead you’ll be able to prevent this problem by downloading the maps for the area you are travelling to which can be viewed offline.

These maps will be able to show you directions and you’ll be able to view points of interest in the area. The downloaded maps only work for driving and you can’t see directions for walking, train, etc when you’re offline.

Here’s how:

Open Google Maps > Search for the area you’re traveling to > Tap Download at the bottom > Download

3D View

If you want to get a 3D view of your surroundings then there’s an easy way to set that up with Google Maps.

Here’s how:

Hold down on an area with two fingers > Swipe up

You’ll now be given a 3D view of your surroundings to help you navigate better.

Find Things Nearby

Sometimes you’re feeling indecisive or you’d like to explore a new area or rediscover your neighbourhood. You can see what to do in your area like which restaurants to eat at, where a filing station is, medical and other services, places of worship, interesting landmarks and much more.

Here’s how:

Tap in the white search bar > Underneath your recently searched locations you’ll see different icons indicating different places to visit and things to do based in your search history.

Once you’ve chosen something to do you’ll get the directions, distance, estimated travel time and estimated time of arrival. You can also check out the reviews of a place, visit its website (if it has one), phone it, see if its business hours, etc.

Plan Ahead

If you like to plan ahead or what to check out what to do over the weekend then there’s a great way to see what’s on the itinerary for a specific place.

Here’s how:

Select an area > Tap to expand the bottom > A pop-up menu will appear which shows a place’s schedule, opening hours, reviews, etc.