Tom Clancy’s: The Division had its closed beta weekend this past weekend, and we played as much as we could possibly play, and completed every side mission and spent a few hours in the PvP portion of the game, also known as the Dark Zone.

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The Division is a game that is on the same ambition scale as 2013’s hit, Destiny. The game revolves around you and your character, and the bond you make in the game. You need to slowly build your character up, and chances are, he will be your best friend for the next few months following the release of the game.


After a few hours and almost nothing left to do in the beta, let us take a look at what the game did right and what the game did wrong.

What We Loved

The pace of the game was great and nothing felt rushed.

The Division is an RPG, so RPG mechanics are expected and one of them was the fact that enemies where bullet sponges. It created a more skill orientated shooter experience. Anyone can put out a hand gun and shoot a guy in the head for an instant kill, *cough cough* the Uncharted series.

The Division forces you to experiment with all sorts of mods in order to perfect your shooting style, and with so many possibilities, to further expands the experience beyond a simple set gun with a set of perks. Instead of a group of enemies taking a few seconds to take down, you were again forced to plan ahead and use a skill or two to get the job done. At times even forced to switch up tactics and learn a little.


The Division maintains a solid cover system that was easy to master. Similar games like Uncharted and Gears of War still suffer from clunky cover controls where your player would often get stuck not knowing what to do and would glitch out of place. The Division solved this issue and kept things fluid at all times, be it running and sprinting over a car to slide into cover, or rolling out of the way and behind cover.

What We Did Not Love

Now onto things that we thought needed work. One major issue was the empty open world. Granted, it is a beta, but running across the map had no real joy to it, and getting to the objective was already half the work. We need more things to do along the way, or else it results in a waste of the gorgeous abandoned city streets.

The PvP on the game sucked and lacked any sort of direction. It needs balancing. It also needs some sort of deathmatch or something to cater for players who are used to traditional multiplayer games.


When it comes to the main game, the AI lacked any sort of intelligence. Melee enemies just came running at you without the thought of dodging or rolling. One perfect example of this was when the flamethrower enemies appeared, they walked slowly towards you and their range on their weapon is so weak, that they did not even stand a chance. It would have been nice to have them crouch behind cover, and try at least get close to you to deal damage, before being killed.

We know the beta was a testing phase, and we hope that the developers polish off the game before it is released in March.