If you have the Uber app on your smart device, you have probably noticed that the look of the Uber app has changed.

The entire look and feel of the app has been given a remodel. This comes after the announcement that Uber will be rebranding its company by implementing this new “bit” into its design. The “bit” referring to the square at the centre of the logo.

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Uber has described the “bit” as the focus point for new products and services to come over time, and that bit will always resemble an Uber product.

Uber began life as a black car service for 100 friends in San Francisco—everyone’s private driver. Today, we’re a transportation network spanning 400 cities in 68 countries that delivers food and packages, as well as people, all at the push of a button. And thanks to services like uberX and uberPOOL we’ve gone from a luxury, to an affordable luxury, to an everyday transportation option for millions of people.


Uber has also touched on its logo and changed it up a little, describing it as something “less fussy“.

This will help you see Uber from afar, and when it’s in small places. It also reflects a more substantial look as we too have matured as a company.

We cannot wait to see where Uber goes from here as the service expand even further. The look and design of its logo and app is just the beginning.