One of the first South African video streaming services that launched back in September 2014, Vidi, has called it quits.


The service interestingly made a very quiet exit without any official announcement that it would stop offering its video streaming and rental services. The only message from the video streaming service is a banner on its website which states that the service has been unavailable since 26 January 2016. No details are available as to the future of the service, with the banner simply stating that “Vidi is transforming. Watch this space for coming details“.

The only other information the website offers is the winner of the Ferrari 458 competition as well as information on a new Audi RS competition Vidi is running. These cars are pretty pricey so the company must be making a drastic change in its business model by running such lavish competitions.

Other video streaming services that are managing to keep their heads above water in South Africa include local service, ShowMax and American service, Netflix. Video streaming services might struggle to find footing in the South African market, like Vidi found out, based on many different factors including lack of Internet connection and improper infrastructure.