After the announcement of the iPhone SE at last night’s Apple event, it comes at no surprise that Apple will no longer be selling the iPhone 5S, nor will it be available across main carriers around the world.

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The iPhone SE is basically a better model of the iPhone 5S, with some remarkably powerful internals like the Apple A9 chip, True Tone Flash, and improved networking. On Apple’s website, the iPhone 5S is no longer available to purchase, in fact it has been replaced by the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE

Apple recently started selling refurbished iPhone 5S models at a lower price, to help new adopters afford an Apple device. Vodacom in South Africa offered various contracts with these refurbished iPhones, at a low of R90 towards the finance for the device. It seems that Vodacom will no longer be offering any iPhone 5S deals as its site gives you a nasty warning when you try and search for it.

With the discontinuation of the iPhone 5S, Apple’s new iPhone SE will fit right in between the iPhone 5S pricing and an iPhone 6.