We have covered a few BeoPlay devices over the past few months, and the BeoPlay H3 is the in-ear device that has built-in Active Noise Cancellation, also known as ANC. Although they are a bit clunky, they still provide the great sound quality and exceptional design seen in the rest of the range.

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BeoPlay H3 ANC Tech-Specs

Battery ANC – 350 mAh – up to 20 hours
Weight 40g
Material Stainless Steel/Rubber/Polymer
Microphone Yes – Volume up/down/pause/next
Speakers Electro-dynamic 10.8mm driver
Frequency Range 20 – 16.000 Hz
Colours Gunmetal Grey
Retail Price R4999
Designer Jakob Wagner

In the box you will find the earphones, a USB charger for the ANC feature, a carry bag, and a couple of different sized rubber ear buds for you ear type.

BoPlay H3 ANC


The H3s weigh a measly 12.8g and look great. At times the ANC box might get in your way, and the 3.5 mm jack might look like its taking strain from it, but its design stays true to the BeoPlay aesthetic. On the ANC box there is a USB hole to charge the 350 mAh battery which is needed for the noise cancellation. The battery only takes 2 hours to charge, and the earphones still work with the ANC turned off. Along the wire is a remote and microphone switch for changing songs, talking to Siri or taking calls. The actual earphones are light and made from aluminium. There are 23 holes drilled into the casing which help deliver the open sound feel that the speakers output.

In the box, the earphones come with a set of T-200 memory foam ear tips. These are made to fit all, but in case your ear does not fit well with them, you can switch out to the rubber tips included in the box too. The memory foam tips work great and fill out all the extra space in your ear, basically making it a one-size-fits-all tip.



The BeoPlay H3 ANC handles music well, sound comes out without any over-loud tones, and is pleasant and clear. Bass is low, for some this might be ideal, but we would have preferred a little more kick.

Noise cancellation works really well. The ANC removes ambient background sounds so that the music is clear. This all enhances the sound quality that comes through the earphones, and it does a great job at that. Music is clear, silence in a song is silent, and vocals are clearer. The same goes for instruments, they are all heard and you can clearly focus on one without the interruption of loud bass and distortions. From classical to pop, the earphones handled it all extremely well. It was when it came to hip-hop that needs that intense bass, that it fell short.


The BeoPlay H3 is a great pair of earphones in a world filled with gimmicks. The ANC works really well, and the sound quality is great. Compared to the other BeoPlay products we covered, it is the more affordable one.

BeoPlay H3 ANC Review
ANC works greatGreat sound output
Bass could use an extra kick
Performance 86%
Value for Money80%
Reader Rating 23 Votes