iPad keyboards might not be everyone’s thing as everyone uses their iPads for different reasons. But if you’re keen on turning your iPad Air 1 or iPad Air 2 into a MacBook replica, then you should seriously consider the BrydgeAir keyboard.



The BrydgeAir keyboard is a premium iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 accessory. It looks and feels sleek and fits perfectly into the Apple design ethos – simple and reliable design. From the moment you open the box you feel that you’ve unboxed an elegant product that looks expensive and feels very sturdy. It locks your iPad when you close them in on each other and folds to perfectly meet up in unison.


It has a smooth aluminium body and comes in three colours namely gold, silver and space black to mirror the iPads’ colour pallets. The keys mirror that of the MacBooks and are black and are laid out in the same way as the MacBooks. This mirroring of design is great for those OCD people who love for all their gadgets to carry the same look.

You slip it smoothly into the hinges which holds your iPad tight thanks to the silicone shims inside. This also prevents you iPad from being damaged by the hinges of the keyboard. These suction-like silicone shims make it easy for you to remove your iPad without any scratches forming from friction between the iPad and the BrydgeAir keyboard. These shims are responsible for you being able to use the keyboard with either an iPad Air 1 or iPad Air 2 as there is an extra pair included in the box to hold the thicker iPad Air 1.

The keyboard is fitted with four non-slip, circular rubber plates on the back to ensure it stays secure while you’re typing up a storm. This means you can rest the iPad on the keyboard’s side when folded shut to prevent any small scratches from forming by making constant contact with the back of your iPad. This is another design feature borrowed from Apple as the MacBooks are also shipped with similar rubber feet.

The one design issue we had, was that there was no crevice to enable easy opening when the keyboard is folded. It would’ve helped with opening the keyboard more easily and would’ve also fitted in more with the MacBooks which has a crevice to use to easily open.


As an iPad Air 1 or iPad Air 2 keyboard you’ll struggle to find a better product on the market.

The keyboard is conveniently backlit and you’re able to choose between three different brightness options. The keys are spaced out nicely and even thick fingers won’t have any difficulty typing. The keys give impeccable tactile feedback that so perfectly resembles the MacBooks’ keyboard keys that you’ll forget sometimes on which device you’re typing. If you’re a rapid typer you’re going to love the experience.

As the keys are laid out identical to that of the MacBook keyboard you won’t have to go through any adjustment period moving between your MacBook and your iPad Air 1 or iPad Air 2.

The hinges of the keyboard has a 180 degree rotation and thanks to the stability offered you can position your iPad in all different angles. It’s a very sturdy and stable keyboard and because of this it doubles as an iPad Air 1 or iPad Air 2 stand.


The BrydgeAir keyboard has a further function of being a speaker for your iPad Air 1 or iPad Air 2. The sound is crisp and clear. We only had issues with it while trying to pair. It took some time to figure out how the pairing for the sound works and if you’re an impatient techie then you might get a bit frustrated.

With the great sound quality and sturdy designed body, the BrydgeAir turns your iPad Air 1 or iPad Air 2 into the perfect makeshift entertainment centre. You can enjoy movies as your iPad is kept sturdy and still and you’re given a better sound experience than the terribly soft iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 speakers deliver on their own. One fault here is that the speakers are located at the back of the BrydgeAir keyboard so the sound is directed away from the user. This is clearly a design choice to keep the front of the keyboard seamless and clean, but speakers would’ve served a better purpose aimed towards the user.



Another win for the BrydgeAir is that it has an amazingly long battery span. If you’re eventually running low on battery (which hasn’t happened to our review unit after heavy use over a 3-week period) the backslash key will change colour. When there is enough juice there will be no light present and a red light appear when the device is charging.


The BrydgeAir keyboard is the best keyboard option you can get for your iPad Air 1 or iPad Air 2. It’s sturdy and stylish and matches the design of the iPad perfectly. You’ll struggle to find a better typing experience on an iPad thanks to the awesome keys and heavy body.


This is a must-have accessory for iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 owners. Unfortunately at R2899, the keyboard is a bit pricey, but its worth it for this premium product.

You can get yours here.


BrydgeAir Keyboard Review: An iPad Air Accessory Must-Have
Sturdy and stylish designDoubles as an iPad Air 1 or iPad Air 2 standGreat battery-lifeFantastic typing experience
Speaker pairing is confusing
87%Overall Score
Design 85%
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