There is a strange trend going around where these celebrities make their own apps for iOS and Android, and somehow make millions of dollars. We love a celebrity endorsement as much as the next person, but these apps are barely worth the data to download them.

These apps mimic their creator’s IQ. They just lack any sort of appeal, and you have to be completely bored, and obsessed with unearned fame to give into these sad excuses for entertainment.  Here are some of the worst celebrity apps on the market, and why you should avoid them.

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Snoop Lion’s Snoopify


This sad excuse for an app lets you transform a photo of yourself into some sort of stoned creature. You can place a joint in your mouth, and go through a bunch of stickers inspired by Snoop Dog himself. If you feel like a high marijuana leaf is your forte, then good for you. There are some fun things to do with it, but you probably need to be stoned to actually think that this is worth the development cost.

Taylor Swift Greeting Cards

Taylor Swift Greeting Cards

Just when you thought that the radio played way too much Taylor Swift, the Greeting Cards app lets you create ridiculously cheesy cards and send them to your friends. While you do so however, you will need to put up with her songs playing in the background. There are a wide variety of cards to make and you can use all sorts of pictures and selfies to make them. The strange thing here, there is no breakup cards, which is kind of the point of a Taylor Swift app.

Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood

kim kardashian hollywood-game-revenue

Kim Kardashian has become the queen of celebrity apps and had one of the first mobile games amongst her peers. The game revolves around you making your way up the social-life ladder by buying things, attending photo shoots, and doing things only Kim Kardashian would find amusing. Some people work really hard for a living, other people just somehow make money off nothing. This app will teach you how, but good luck actually using it in the real world.

William Shatner’s Shatoetry

william shatner shatoetry-boldly-goes-where-no-app-has-gone-before-465a9604b8

The world is doomed, and this app is the reason. Shatoetry lets you create poetry and have it recited by William Shatner. You choose words from a list and William then recites the selection for you. We know life is sad, but this is just a whole new level of pathetic, and the worse thing about it is that the app goes for R16 and you will need to pay extra in order for him to say more words themed around certain events like Valentine’s Day and summer. Yes, summer.

Kim Kardashian KIMOJI


You know that you are full of yourself when you want the entire world to use your face as they type messages to friends. If they are sad, they use your face to express this, if they are happy, they use your botox-infested smile to express it. There is no more need to take selfies, because we have Kim Kardashian’s face to express our feelings for us. Goodbye humanity, goodbye morals.

Katy Perry’s Pop

Celebrity Apps

Although not as bad as the rest, Katy Perry’s POP just proves that people really hate their life and want to become someone else to feel better about themselves. You play as Katy Perry who goes about her everyday life building her music career and exploring new fashions with all her crazy imaginative friends. You will basically come into contact with the most outrageous fake human beings in the world and enlist their help to make you famous.