Who said that toys were for children? Ollie is all about creating awesome gadgets which cater for a wide audience. The Darkside Ollie is durable, fast, and can take on almost any terrain.

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Darkside Ollie Tech-Specs

Feature Darkside Ollie
Support iOS and Android
Top Speed 22 Km/h
Lighting LED Glow with customizable Settings
Bluetooth Yes, SMART instant Connection up to 30 Meters
Battery 4/5 hours charge for 1 hour drive time
Apps Ollie/ Draw and Drive
Hackable Yes
Height Length 11cm/8cm
Weight 240 grams
Price R2499 – R1299 for standard Ollie

Darkside Ollie

In The Box

In the box you’ll find the Darkside Ollie, among other things:

  • Darkside Ollie
  • 2 Nubby Tires
  • 2 Turbo Tires
  • 2 Prime Hubs
  • 2 Flux Hubs
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick Start guide
  • Free apps available on the App Store and Google Play


The Darkside Ollie screams well, the Darkside. It’s completely black with a Sith Lord look to it. The device is basically the same as the Ollie, except for its colour variant. The other Ollie in the range had a light look to it with bright green and blue wheels, rather than black. The Darkside Ollie has two interchangeable wheel sets which are included in the box, one for inside, and one for outside and harder surfaces. Its internal motor is protected with a polycarbonate shell, and on the front are LED lights which can be tweaked with different brightness settings and colours. The device is also water resistant and shock proof.


Inside the Ollie, are various chipsets which make the device do what it can do. On the printed circuit board there is a Gyro and Accelerometer, as well as the LED light which hits a plastic piece and spreads it to the face of the device. The motor inside does not have any specific classification, but it is capable of reaching speeds of up to 22Km/h.

The device is sleek and attractive, the black colour scheme really brings out the LED lights, and at night it looks sick skidding through the dark passages scaring the cat.


Performance is everything in an Ollie, and the Darkside has some pretty neat features that makes it more and more fun as you experiment with it. Turning it on was quick and easy, and after 3 hours of charge it was ready to go.

Connecting the device is painless, and after you have turned on your Bluetooth, it just works. The device connects quickly and easily to your phone. Using the Ollie App, you will learn to navigate through your environment by just using the touch analogue on the screen. Holding your device upright will leave strictly on navigation, but turning your device horizontal will open up the Trick Pad. The Trick Pad is the best way to show off the device’s movement abilities as you flick upwards to make it jump, and sideways to get it to spin around. You also get feedback on the app on what you are doing, so it rewards you for trying to pull off new stunts.


Then we have the Ollie Draw and Drive App, which lets you connect to the device and draw a path which you want it to drive. Again, this is more of a way to test out its capabilities. When you are done making yourself look cool, then it all comes down to the driving and how well the device handles each terrain you place it on. As previously mentioned, the device comes with two sets of wheels, one with nubs and one with flats. Each of them are important for each type of terrain. The nubs handle bricks and sandy paths, and the flat tires grip tiles and carpets. When going outside, you need to change them to get the most out of the device. Saying that, the app also has various settings which you can tweak to make the device more environment friendly. Here you can change the acceleration, handling, and top speed. This is important as say you are in a small room, lowering the acceleration will prevent you from crashing into walls. The app also lets you customize the LED lights to fit your mood.

Controlling the Darkside Ollie is easy to get the hang of, setting it up is easy, but making sure you know what direction UP is when you need to control it can be difficult to master. With the Ollie being so fast and its orientation moving all the time, you will sometimes lose your track of control. This forces you to recalibrate it by moving its backside, which is easily noticeable by its flashing blue light facing towards you.

Darkside Ollie

Drifting around corners, skidding down the driveway, and chasing the dog was great. Everything you throw at Darkside Ollie is done with an attitude, not because it’s the Darkside, but it looks like a cute little bag of dynamite. When leaving the device alone, while still connected to the app, it does its own thing to demand attention. When picking it up while it is powered on, it has a tantrum to say “put me down!”. It has a personality which bring it to life, and while driving it around, it looks like it has a mind of its own.

Darkside Ollie is a great little device, it manages to bring itself to life like something straight out of the future, while maintaining a solid RC feel. It is durable so you never need to worry about cracking it or breaking it. Whether you are a middle-aged man looking for a device to drive around your office, or a teenager with a good taste for great tech, the Darkside Ollie will fit into your life in some way or another. The Darkside Ollie is now available at the iStore.

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Darkside Ollie Review
Performance 90%
Value for Money85%
Reader Rating 5 Votes