Destiny has been in a tough spot over the past few months as the MMO shooter has not received any sort of new content, and players have started to feel a little left out. A game like Destiny with such a strong emphasis on social content, needs a steady stream of content updates to keep players busy. The last content pack released back in September of 2015, which makes this the longest time with no content in the game’s lifecycle.

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All that’s about to change. On 12 April 2016, players will find themselves back in the game as Bungie revealed its plan for the much anticipated “spring” update. Starting in April, the game will play host to a wide variety of new content, which includes new gear, and the re-introduction of old Raids with new level requirements.

  • New PVE Challenges
  • New and Updated Gear
  • New Quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike
  • Increased Max Light and Rewards
  • Sandbox and Crucible Updates
  • And more…

Bungie stated that it will play host to a variety of new streams over the course of the next few weeks, these of which will showcase the game’s new content.

April Update Preview: New Things to Do
Wednesday, March 23rd – 11AM Pacific
April Update Preview: New Things to Earn
Wednesday, March 30th – 11AM Pacific
April Update Preview: Sandbox and Crucible Updates
Wednesday, April 6th – 11AM Pacific
Bungie stated that the new April update will be free to all Taken King owners, so no need for any additional purchases. The update goes live on 12 April 2016, we will keep you posted as upcoming content is revealed in its weekly streams.